we're just a family of finches making our way in the town w/o a frown.

Monday, May 31, 2010

where've you been?

so much has happened since my last post and i do hope to blog about it in the very near future. for the short list school's out, we have new people in our lovely town, q is 1, and the list could go on for days. i wanted to say thanks for those of you who still find the time to stop by and see if anything new has appeared here lately. i would also like to say sorry that it hasn't. i admit i have been spending my spare time doing things like farmville, laugh if you want, it provides excellent brain dead time for me at the end of the day. i have been busy crocheting up a storm of baby goods. if possible i will get a bit of time tomorrow to blog, and i will try to brighten the blogosphere once again with my wit and charm. until then a short list of thankfuls


1 the ability to remember: this is sometimes a blessing and a curse. the ability to remember where i came from and what I've overcome helps me to be focused on the future.

2. the ability to forget: there is so much of my past that i keep pushed to the far back of my mind. it only creeps out at night when my guard is down. my demons find me at night.

3. my hubby: he usually keeps the aforementioned demons at bay even at night.

4. my friends: i can never say thank you enough to this vigilant group. your stanch defense of me is awesome, and i mean that in the fact that it truly creates a feeling of awe in me.

5. my kids: i don't know what i did that was so right to deserve the amazing kids that i have, but i am so grateful. they may not be perfect, but they are perfectly wonderful for me

6. the blogosphere: i love to blog, but i am hesitant to put myself out where others can so easily be cruel. i love the ability to write what i think and feel, but i have become somewhat hesitant for fear of the cruelty that flows so easily from some people.

7. my laptop: love to use the puter while watching TV

8. cooking: it has been great to get back to the kitchen again.

9. crafting: i can not begin to describe how nice it has been to be back in the swing of crafting, rumor has it that an etsy shop may be on its way

10. letting go: i am not perfect nor have i ever claimed to be. i use humor to take the edge off the hurt. i am so thankful for the ability to let go of the anger that ate me alive for years.

the realization that blogging is for me is very freeing. i don't do this for approval. i do it for the ability to connect to others and myself. if anyone is still out there let me know, i would love to hear from you