we're just a family of finches making our way in the town w/o a frown.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

show me a sign, to let me know you're here

the last two weeks of summer are drawing to a close, and we have been enjoying the ability to travel once again, long story. last week we went to see the gma, and the girls stayed the weekend with her. i hope to be able to get some pics uploaded next week when school is in session again. i have been hard at work making lots of baby stuff for friends and family that are expecting. my niece was born 8-13-2010, she is quite the cutey. I'm also busy getting the house in back to school order so this post will be short, sorry. on to the thankfuls.


1. not being the victim- i don't need to create drama in my life so that i can play the victim to every person who will listen and give pity. i once had a good friend ask why i don't tell about my past, and i said "i don't like to be a victim".

2. cooler weather- this summer has not been nearly as hot as ones i remember in the past, at least in my lil part of Texas. it has been hot, but not east Texas hot. hope it cools down for you guys soon.

3. lessons learned- i could write several blogs on this alone. i am grateful for each lesson that i have learned this summer

4. school- the kids will be going back soon, and life will return to almost normal very soon.

5. beading- i pulled out my old bead tackle box last night and began to make some crochet stitch markers. they are beautiful.

6. air conditioning- it hasn't been above 100 but a few times this summer, but anything above 9 is too warm for me.

7. good music- i love to watch my kids dance and sing to music that they hear.

8. angel food- good food cheap.

9. fresh veggies- the garden overfloweth. we are already discussing what all we want to do next year.

10. new friends- i have made a couple of new bloggy friends this summer and it is nice to meet some new faces with new interests.

i hope this past few weeks have been as wonderful for you as they have for me. take a minute to find something to say thank you for.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

the answer my friend is blowing in the wind

what a whirlwind week this has been. we traveled the state of Kansas with my hubby this week. did i mention we were a mere hour from both Nebraska and Colorado at one point. on our way home we stopped by to have lunch at the Dog with my mom, and then a quick stop to see a friend. this friend takes the best pictures, and every time we go she takes some for us.

i mean isn't he sweet. yeah, my hair is purple if you look close. i was going to post the family pic she took, but it was a little small to see all the smiling faces. I'm tired and there doesn't look to be a slow down in the near future for us, so onto the thankfuls.
1. facebook- say what you will about it, but a good friend of mine used it to communicate with several of us about a struggle she is facing. I'm glad she had a way to talk to me.
2. swaps- i have missed them so. i am totally stoked about the coffee/tea swap I'm in.
3. not expecting perfection- the one and only perfect person to walk this great planet had to endure an agonizing death. i don't want to be perfect and i don't expect other people to be perfect either. people will disappoint you and make mistakes, it's part of the human condition.
4. good food- I'm thrilled to be home and cooking again.
5. good long talks- it doesn't matter if they come via email, text, phone, letter, or in person. i love a good conversation.
6. my bed- the tempurpedic bed i have is amazing. i forget how amazing sometimes until i get to sleep on a hotel bed for several nights.
7. family- while traveling the amazing I-70 corridor this week, i got to see some of my family that i haven't seen in years.
8. expectations- as the gin blossoms once said "if you don't expect to much from me you might not be let down". I'm learning that some people are only capable of so much and if i don't expect more than that, then I'm not let down.
9. my hubby- he tries so hard, and sometimes he falls short of his mark. he always gets an A+ for the effort he puts into things.
10. prayer- the power of prayer is truly amazing.
i hope that everyone has had a fantastic week, and i hope your weekend is even better.