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Thursday, October 7, 2010

every new boy that she meets doesn't know the real surprise

I'm just going to jump into my thankfuls this week.


1. the crafts i do- i am thankful that God has given me a healthy way to unwind.

2. dancing with my hubby- we haven't gone out dancing in a long time, but from time to time he will spin me around our house. it's times like that when i can't believe it's been 12 years of us together.

3. crafty people- i don't mean the con artists of the world, I'm talking about the people who can take simple yarn or towels or food and make them into works of art. you people inspire me to do more and be more than i am today.

4. laughter- i went to a celebration of a life ended too soon this past weekend, and there were tears shed for a woman who touched so many lives. in the midst we found ourselves laughing about things she had said or done that touched us all.

5. innocence- the kind that when lost just can't be regained. the kind that makes every person a friend.
6. sweet songs- i love the sound of children singing. i sometimes wonder if it is the closest to angels we hear on earth.
7. friends- the picture below is the lovely gifty that my friend peaches sent me. isn't it beautiful. she is one of the most amazing people i have met. proof that you are who you choose to be, and being kind is a good thing.
8. my mail- i was not aware of all that was required to get that simple stamp or gift to where it needs to be. postal employees i salute you.
9. prayer- there have been lots going up lately, and there have been lots answered. a kind wall post when i needed encouragement. the news that a dear friend is feeling better one day at a time. the blog post that God sometimes speaks to us when we least expect it.
10. cool weather- we have been getting in the 40's for lows and there is rumor of 30's next week. i love this time of year.
so I'm curious, those of you who still read- do you take time during your busy/crazy week to be thankful. do you find yourself being thankful for the little things that you so often take for granted? i live in a tiny town that somewhat prides itself on its old fashioned way of life. i know small town living isn't for everyone, but who doesn't love watching andy griffith. did you ever dream of living in mayberry? i live there. in a town where people wave to each other, and mind everyone's business. I've known this about my lil town for the entire 6 years we have lived here, but never did i realize how far that stretches til i started training at the post office. people come by to ask how the postmaster is doing and when she'll be back. they stop to chat and ask how my training is going or to let me know that it's OK if i make a few mistakes when learning the job. this week has been long. the hubby has been traveling all week, so we haven't seen much of him. I've trained almost everyday this week, i missed Wednesday training because monkey was under the weather. just when i thought "oh yeah, i have this mail thing down" no, no, not even close. so far all i had trained on was putting the mail in the proper places, little did i realize how much goes on in the afternoon at the post office. WOW is all i can say. today was insane busy. i don't know if I'm cut out for this. i am thankful for those who still read and those who have moved on. take a minute this weekend and say thank you for something or someone that sometimes you forget to. I'm off to finish a surprise for someone who has been a beacon of hope for me for years. take care and God bless