we're just a family of finches making our way in the town w/o a frown.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

i go out walking after midnight

sorry i missed a week for the update on my running. last week was Christmas, so i decided i would finish dinner with the family before i went for my run. the best laid plans....i took a step off the porch to sit and watch the kiddos play and twisted my bum right ankle. there was no running for me. Thursday i did go walk, it was slower than i would prefer, but i did go. we walked about 2 miles, so not too bad. Saturday we walked 16 laps, oh yeah that's 4 miles baby. my ankle was feeling a little sore, but not too bad. then yesterday while getting ready to get little miss her present i stepped on one of her wooden puzzle pieces and twisted the same bum ankle again. ugh, now I'm wearing my ankle brace around the house and feel like a complete dolt. I'm hoping to walk tomorrow and Thursday and get back to running again on Saturday. i know better than to push my ankle more than it wants to go. hope the new year finds you happy and cheerful for the year to come.