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Thursday, December 11, 2008

and breathe, just breathe

ok, so i haven't gotten much sleep this week and it is really taking its toll on me. the hubby bought me the book twilight used. he knows how much i love to read, and i've always had a thing for vamps. anyway he said for $4.50 he couldn't pass it up. had he known that the series was like heroin for me he might have passed. i started the books on sunday night before church, and i finished last night at 11:30. the hubby was thrilled because i didn't care if he stayed up and played on the wii. i was thrilled that she ended the series well, but i was sad that it was over. i read the dark tower series by stephen king and was furious at the ending, but he isn't known for his happy endings. anyway i woke up this morning sick. my stomach isn't holding anything down and i am having some difficulty breathing. i hope to nap when her heiness does, and maybe that will help some. the problem is that i am highly prone to bronchitis and these are usually the beginning symptoms for me. yeah i know that bronchitis isn't that bad, but usually it only takes mine 2 days until it is pneumonia. usually the doc gives antibiotics and steroids, but being preggers they don't like to give either to me. i am hoping that the usual cure of rest and liquids will have me up and normal soon. well before i begin to wallow in self pity her is my thankful list:


1. good books- they were seriously impossible for me to put down which says quite a bit because i am a busy girl.

2. good friends- amazon brought me breakfast this morning because the hubby told her i wasn't feeling well.

3. tums maximum strength- oh yeah heartburn hit early this pregnancy.

4. hot drinks- they almost help the nausea and sore throat.

5. the wii- it has made an excellent grounding item for monkey

6. realizing my weaknesses- i am part of the children's christmas program at my church, and i am so not made to work with children. i ADORE my kids, but wow an hour and a half with these kids and i am ready to commit serious atrocities.

7. my kiddos- not sure what i would do without there love and affection. they are so kind and loving.

8. the christmas season- LOVE this time of year and all that it means

9. my awesome phone- oh yeah still loving the phone.

10. bellydancing classes- i will be taking a class in the spring on monday nights, and i am way excited about it.

well, it is quickly nearing nap time and i need to get her heiness ready, so until next time think about what you are thankful for. have a great day and thanks for the awesome comments.

Monday, December 8, 2008

she was glad about it... no doubt about it

what a weekend we had. amazon and her crew came over for pizza night, and she brought the latest addition. he is a beautiful boxer puppy named copper. he and bruno played around outside while we enjoyed homemade pizza. we put up the tree friday and i am always so impressed at how beautiful it is. the girls had a blast putting decorations on it. saturday was a laze about kind of day. we put up the rest of the decorations and just hung out as a family. we looked up potential vacation ideas, and have decided on Sandals in Jamaica. we are going to get the romantic honeymoon package, and pawn the kids off on family for a week. this won't be for another 2 years because we want the wee one to be big enough that it can be left with someone. we also looked at taking the whole family to Beaches resort. monkey is way more than excited, but got a little whiny when i explained that it would be after the little one was born that we would go. the hubby says that we can fly first class, how awesome is that. i have never flown first class, and i can't begin to describe my excitement. we are hoping to be able to fly to see the SIL in DC at some point in the future, but once again all travel is on hold until after the wee one arrives in May. monkey has taken to calling the baby Q, which is what we will call it if it's a boy. his given name will be my husband's name, but instead of the 3rd he will be the 4th. we decided Q for cuatro. yes i know it doesn't start with q, but it does have the q sound. something else may come to us before then, but i would feel guilty if only one member of our family got a somewhat common name. we should know next month what we are having. i am officially incapable of hiding the burgeoning belly. the hubby really digs the belly, but i find it somewhat exasperating that some of my friends showed less carrying twins than i do carrying one. the doctor is wanting to induce early due to the size that my babies tend to grow. we haven't discussed how early yet, but at least one week possibly two is my guess. her heiness arrived a week early weighing in at 9 1/2 lbs. monkey was 2-3 weeks early she weighed 7 lbs 11 oz, so the doctor is a wee bit concerned that this one could be even larger. i didn't gain much weight with either pregnancy nor did i have gestational diabetes, so basically i just have big babies. the hubby says that it is the native american in me. that i have big indian babies that can survive on the plains. her heiness pages, so until next time have a great week.

Friday, December 5, 2008

i know i've been here before

i would have posted yesterday, but i was working hard at getting rid of the blahs. i have died my hair, painted my nails, ordered the hubby's anniversary surprise, helped out a friend, baked banana bread, and finished all the laundry in my house. i feel like super woman. well, we are busy cleaning the house today for pizza night so i will get on my list.


1. helping others- what an amazing thing to be able to do.

2. nail polish- dark vampire red as i am currently wearing is one of my winter favorites.

3. feria- it was my chosen hair dye in college and i am enjoying dark hair this winter.

4. being asked my opinion- my SIL called to ask about truffles. i love to make truffles during the holiday season, and being asked about it makes me feel competent about something.

5. baking- the banana bread made the entire house smell heavenly. today i'm making bonnie's favorite sugar cookies.

6. reading- the hubby bought me the new book of short stories by stephen king and i'm about half way through it, and i have found myself reading instead of napping. well, and laying down causes instant heartburn.

7. coffee with friends- pattylicious and i after shopping last night stopped by and got coffee. it was nice to sit and chat without being tugged in a hundred directions.

8. my AMAZING husband- last night he insisted that we drive to the big city so i could get pattylicious a dress for her party tonight. he volunteered to stay at the house and watch the kids so we could go by ourselves. that's right all the kids at bedtime. when we made it back to the house we found four sweet sleeping children of pattylicious and two little girls ready to go home and get some rest.

9. music- what an amazing lift it can bring to the soul.

10. an unexpected hug- i'm not a touchy feely kind of girl, but amazon saw that i looked bummed and she walked right up and gave me a big hug, "cause you look like you need one." i have amazing friends.

i heard rumors of snow again, but i'm beginning to wonder if we're going to get any this year. the hubby and i are celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss in 2 weeks, and the question arose "what do you want?" the hubby is easy he likes to makes his own beer, so a beer kit keeps him content. i'm also getting him some good cologne. as for me...? i told him i was happy and content with what i have, so i really didn't want anything. my mom of course said that i needed to think of something, but really i think i own every small appliance known to man. i have tons of pjs, a nice new robe, nice smelly good, and i am at a loss for what to ask for. the hubby's reply was "well, then think of where you would like to go on vacation, and we'll save up for it." i asked with or without kids because we have never vacationed without the wee ones firmly attached. he said both. well, enough about me. what are you thankful for this week? a hug from a child, breakfast in bed, a shoulder to cry on, or the glorious season that we find ourselves in? i'm thankful for all of those and so much more. take some time to think about it. find the joy in the season and share it with others.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

soon enough you're to think of me and how i used to be

from time to time i fall into what i call "the funk" or "the blahs". it isn't really depression so much as a general sense of blah.my mom calls it "the grays", she says that it isn't as serious as "the blues", but sometimes much darker. she says that when she falls into them she feels like eeyore always saying "i'm gray". i asked my mom what brings her's on, and she said she's not really sure that they occur at the most random times. i'm not ever sure what brings them on or how long they'll last, but man i really need to shake them. what is really strange is that they don't occur at times when i should be sad or distracted. sometimes during wonderful times when i have nothing to be sad about, but still i find myself distracted. i think that the thankful lists are my way of trying to stave off the weird mood i often find myself in. i say that the lists must have worked because until recently i haven't had "the blahs" in almost a year or so. well, this has been somewhat cleansing, hey as rob thomas sings in his song unwell "i'm not crazy, i'm just a little unwell." the song is on my playlist if you aren't familiar with it. that is kind of how i've felt the last few weeks, so i'll keep trying to find the me i like to be. sorry if this has been a bit of a bummer, but i needed to empty my ever full mind. don't worry tomorrow i will have a thankful list, and i'll keep smiling until it doesn't feel quite so forced.

Monday, December 1, 2008

tinkerbell, tinkerbell, tinker all the way

her heiness was singing those words sung to the tune of jingle bells this morning, and it has kind of stuck in my head. i should add that she watched the tinker bell movie this morning on tv. i hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed turkey day. i was in pville, or stephen kingville as i have often called it for the festivities. the girls were thrilled to spend so many days in a row with the grandma. we had a wonderful time cooking, laughing and just having a great time. i am almost finished with my apron for the christmas apron swap. unfortunately, i have no car, so it will be sent one day late. i'm beginning to wonder if i'm ever going to have a vehicle again. there is a rumor that the pappy will be coming for a visit, but i'm not sure when. i had hoped to get the christmas tree up on saturday, but we hung with the cowden clan instead. it was well worth it. here is my thankful list:


1. antacids- even though i didn't eat a fraction of what i wanted, pregnancy heartburn is serious business.

2. children singing- i don't think that there is a sweeter sound than that of children singing. well, maybe children laughing.

3. budgets- i spent several hours this morning redoing our budget to adjust for new paydays. it is so nice to see that everything can be paid on time, and that we are still on target for being out of debt.

4. angel food ministries- with out them i wouldn't be able to stay on my budget food wise.

5. my hubby- as bad as he irritates me sometimes, i am SO BLESSED to have such an amazing man. anyone who could love the damaged goods he got a hold of must be amazing.

6. my buds- i'm pretty tough on friends. i expect a lot from them, and i hope that i am as good of a friend to them as they are to me.

7. snow- i am beginning to wonder if we're ever going to get any. snow is what makes the cold bearable.

8. getting older- it is amazing how petty things seem now, that were so important not too many years ago. i look forward to many years left to come.

9. good food- i was responsible for the rolls this turkey day, and i think i did a pretty good job on them. they tasted wonderful.

10. the great outdoors- i love to look around and see all of the wonderful things God has made in this world.

i hope that you had lots of things on your thankful list. there are so many things to be grateful for. when the cramping gets really bad, i am grateful to not be spotting. when i can't breathe out of my nose, i am grateful that i can breathe at all. when i get discouraged at the giant round shape i am beginning to take, i rejoice at the life growing inside. take some time to reflect and find joy in the little things. wear a smile, it will keep people guessing.