we're just a family of finches making our way in the town w/o a frown.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

i'm going off the rails on a crazy train

we've been watching megamind again. q absolutely loves it and anything with that great of a soundtrack has my vote. June is over halfway gone and I'm not halfway finished with all the packing. turns out packing makes me tired, and being over tired makes me cramp. i feel so blah lately, i know mostly because I'm missing my sweet hubby worse everyday. i sat down with my aunt on father's day and we were discussing weight loss, good conversation for a pregnant chick right. i told her that i had dropped a lil over 8 pounds since we got back to happy, and it wasn't until i was talking to her about calories that it occurred to me that perhaps i wasn't getting what i should be. yeah, most days I'm getting less than 1000. oops, i have the tendency when busy to forget to eat and drink, yep that's why the kidneys hurt today. I'm doing my best to remedy the situation, but old habits die hard. I'm tired and tomorrow will come early, and I'm finishing my cookbook packing tomorrow. already packed 6 boxes of them today. on the the thankfuls


1. text messages- it's about the only form of communication i have anymore.

2. central air- with highs over 100 this girl is way to hot just walking to the car.

3. ravelry- there is a group that i belong to and they are just so amazing. they cheer when you are up, they rally around when you are down. love this group

4. my hubby- the nightmares are getting worse and he sends me sweet emails and calls to reassure me that all is well.

5. prayer- the power of prayer is more amazing than i can ever explain.

6. friends- i have a great group that supports me and lifts me up in prayer whenever i need it, thanks guys

7. the ability to say no- my family situation is tense at best, both related and married to, and it has been such a relief to step away and say nothing. no i won't be your friend on fb, no i won't tell you what is eating me alive so you can pawn it to the highest bidder, no i won't let you bring me down anymore.

8. standing firm- the hubby and i have some very strict rules and guidelines as far as our kids go, and some of these, most of these, have been tested the past 6 months. it feels good to not back down from what we know is right and what we know God has set forth. yep, even when everybody else is doing it.

9. friends from the past- there were some wonderful christian people put in my path during a very difficult time in my life, and they were always such a bright beacon of hope for me. i only wish that i had known to run to these people when my world collapsed. i wonder if i had run to them instead of seeking solace in a bottle how much smoother high school would have been. how was i to know that some people offer love unconditionally. thank you ladies, you may never know how much you and your daughters meant to me.

10. good teachers- i had some great teachers and i have friends who are now great teachers. keep up the good fight, you never know how much you you do for those kids.

i hope that this first weekend of summer is cooler for you than it will be here. smile you never know whose day you will brighten

Thursday, June 9, 2011

baby can i hold you tonight?

so our first week back in happy packing has gone surprisingly well. I've stirred up tons of dust, so my sinuses are on full back up. while we've been enjoying 100+ temps here, my sweet hubby has been in San Diego at a conference. he got back a day earlier than we had thought, so we actually got to see him for his birthday. the kids have been really great about letting me rest in the afternoons, turns out preggie at 32 isn't as easy as preggie at 20-who knew. I've gotten most of the books in the den packed, those who know how many books we have know this isn't too shabby a job for one person in a few days. I'm feeling gross, so this is going to be short. my thankful list


1. being held to go to sleep- i don't sleep well as a general rule, nightmares are tough. it was wonderful to have my sweet finch home to hold me to sleep.

2. naps- I've taken 2 today and will probably call it an early night.

3. my nook- yep, last night when we all loaded in the van to come home from the airport, my sweet hubby took a detour via barnes and noble to get me a nook. he knows how much i love to read, and how i refuse to buy anymore books this summer to pack.

4. my hubby- he is so good to me and the kids, and he is capable of keeping the house in running order. i made the joke on facebook that other than a busted water pipe and looking like boo radley had been renting our house looked great. finch got the water fixed the next day and still made it to the girls birthday party.

5. cute maternity clothes- i put on some of my capris, that fit fine last week, and lo and behold they were tough to zip. i figured it was due to my constant hunger that i had been gaining weight, so i hopped on the scale to find I'd actually lost 4 lbs. hmmmm, may have to bust out the maternity shorts and capris sooner than i thought.

6. yogurt- mmmmmmm, the one snack everyone in the house can agree on.

7. micro food- i love to cook, but as time and kitchen resources are limited, well, we have been living on some tasty micro meals. the kids think it is such a treat. they were actually upset that they didn't get ramen for breakfast. i guess anything that you get rarely is a treat when you're a kid.

8. central air- please see above about 100+ degree weather

9. friends- monkey has spent the day with her bff and will be staying the night as well. the kids are so excited to get to see friends while we are here.

10. God- sometimes it is difficult for me to fathom a creator that would care for his broken creations so much. then i see how much i love my sweet kids, even when they are being monsters, and i wonder how much more God loves us. without Him i wouldn't be where i am, so a huge thank you to Him.

i hope this weekend brings us some rain and a cool down. i also hope to feel well enough tomorrow to actually be able to function like a normal human.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

hold my heart

what a week this has been. school has finished and the girls are so excited to spend the summer in happy. I'm thrilled to get to spend time with my friends that i have missed, but the thought of single parenting, packing, and morning sickness all together makes me want to cry. yes you read that correctly, we are expecting. we waited to make the news public until after the sono, the ectopic in January really took the wind out of my sails. the title of today's blog is the title of another one of my favorite songs. every time it comes on the radio i choke up. it's late and we are spending tomorrow traveling, so i should get some rest.


1. good news from doctor visits- a friend from ravelry got great news today that her grandpa's cancer was indeed gone.

2. the wonder of a child- we took the kids with us, and the looks on their sweet faces when they saw the baby was amazing. q started dancing when he heard the heartbeat, it was too cute.

3. dum dums and ginger ale- yeah the nausea has been rough so far.

4. good talks- we had one of those tough, but needed talks with monkey this week. you know the one that goes "people who really love you will never ask you to go against your morals and beliefs". it is wonderful to be able to talk to her and to listen to her in return

5. prayer- the power of prayer never ceases to amaze me. the ability to commune with my Maker, that's the good stuff.

6. friends- i have been so blessed with a great group of friends. i think it is very needed to tell them and the world how wonderful they are. YOU GUYS ROCK

7. a great hubby- God really knew what he was doing when He put us in each other's path. what a great man I'm married to.

8. tums- yeah heartburn has started early this round.

9. new beginnings- the girls will start school in a new district this fall. it was a long discussion, but ultimately we want what is best for them.

10. friend dates- pattylicious and i have a long overdue date planned for Saturday night.

thanks for the comments they are good to read. i do hope to be able to post some on my other two blogs in the near future, but don't hold your breath. I'm going to be a very busy girl for the next.... several months. i will try to put some more pictures up soon. take care and have a great weekend.