we're just a family of finches making our way in the town w/o a frown.

Monday, April 27, 2009

i change by not changing at all

i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. our was...interesting. we had an awesome pizza night at our casa on the veranda. Saturday the hubby and i went out and had a great time. around 3:30 in the morning we woke up to the sound of rushing water. the water heater for the spare bath is in the attic, and it overflowed. we got the flood stopped in time to watch the ceiling collapse into the bathroom. it made for very little sleep. the good news is very little damage was really done, and now we can gut the bathroom and redo it as we choose. the other good news is that my wonderful hubby was still home. he left for Dallas this morning. the meeting at church on Sunday ended something like this: my hubby stands and says "in light of this morning's decisions i am tendering my resignation effective immediately." my husband has been leading music at the church for about 3 years now. it has been a constant battle. we are now on the search for a new church home. we can see God's work and see where he has brought us from, now we are praying that we can see where He is sending us next. now for picture time.

this is the adorable package we got from bex. well it would have been, but her heiness snatched one of the princess books as i was taking the picture. isn't the robe adorable. it has little frog slippers that go with it.

yeah, that's her showing off her pretty princess book.

did i mention she loves the princess books? in case you couldn't tell from the look on her face.

this is the view from my backdoor. that is the new white fence that enclosed what we now refer to as "the veranda".
the shade covers this side up so it isn't a very good pic. i will try to take a better one soon.
that is our mesclun mix growing in our indoor garden. it is way yummy.
those are the beans that we are growing aren't they pretty.

well, this evening i am going to see Maya Angelou with pattylicious. my mom is here keeping us company "in case i pop". i am so ready to meet this little guy. at most we have 2 weeks, but the doctor is really hoping i pop sooner than later. i need to go water my plants, so more later.

Friday, April 24, 2009

i come to the garden alone

I've been a little busy since the doctor allowed mobility. in fact I've been really busy. Monday i went to pattylicious' OAP public performance. the kids did a good job. i did recommend something a little less depressing next year, like Antigone where everyone dies. the doctor was sick yesterday, so no internal exam. that's right i have no idea if the additional activity has had any effect or not. I'm officially 36 1/2 weeks, so i took myself off bed rest completely. if you guys haven't read living on the spit before, you need to read this post. i nearly fell off my chair laughing. my hubby got really concerned because i was having trouble breathing. we have been working outside on a wee haven from the tremendous wind, and we are almost where we want it to be. i hope to post pics soon, but don't hold your breath. the hubby is almost finished cooking breakfast, so i will speed this up. my thankful list:


1. sunshine- it brightens everything up. all the trees and plants look like they are finally recovering from the late blizzard we got.

2. my hubby- he works so hard to provide for his family. he has been working for several weeks now to get the hot tub up and running, so we can enjoy it. he has made the patio a little piece of heaven.

3. our budget- with out it none of our projects would have been possible.

4. flowers- they are blooming everywhere and they remind me of how much God loves us. to give us little reminders of joy.

5. sun tea- that's right we have been thoroughly enjoying sun tea all week here. now i just need to be patient and let the mint get big enough i can use it.

6. resolution- for quite some time there has been a huge rift at our church. it is difficult to attend when instead of thinking of God, you're making sure not to step on people's toes. there appears to be a resolution on the horizon, and i am thankful for it.

7. hot showers- so relaxing

8. the stars- they remind me just how small i really am

9. the future- at the longest we have 2 1/2 weeks before we get to meet the newest member of our little family. i am beside myself excited, so is her heiness.

10. acceptable weight gain- it looks like i may actually gain the amount of weight that I'm supposed to this pregnancy. i haven't gained weight with the girls pregnancies, so I'm hoping that gaining it with Q is a good thing.

I'm going to go outside and take pics of our beautiful haven and our little indoor garden. i will try to edit them in later. take care and have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i go walkin after midnight

usually it's just to the potty. went to the Dr today and got some awesome news. there have been no changes. woo hoo!!!!! i know i was stoked too. she said that i can up my activity level some, but not to go too crazy. she did the tummy measurement and he's measuring term, yeah he's a big boy. she also told us that the TX board of obgyn's has changed their feelings about inducing before 39 weeks. this means that unless i go naturally, she can't induce me before may 12. i can't say thank you enough for all the prayers. i know that is why i haven't popped yet, trust me the doctor looked surprised that there weren't any changes. what an awesome God we have. well i am currently making dinner, so i need to make this short. my thankful list. I AM THANKFUL FOR:

1. prayers- i really can't say thank you enough.

2. being overly prepared- we went Monday and got a car seat, newborn diapers, bottles, and bags for breast milk. all of Q's clothes are washed and put where they go. his bassinet sits comfortably by my hubby's side of the bed. bags are packed for the hospital, i feel so much better when everything is ready.

3. mail- imagine my surprise when i went to the post office and there was a box from bex. it contained goodies for the girls and the little man. i was so excited i love paper dolls, and apparently so does her heiness.

4. texts- what a quick and easy way to let everyone know how I'm doing.

5. my girls- they have been so sweet, well mostly, this past few weeks. her heiness has been very concerned about her brother.

6. rain- i am listening to the rain as i type and i am so thankful that we have finally gotten some moisture.

7. no accidents- her heiness has been wearing big girl panties and doing very well in them. usually only 1 accident a day.

8. my hubby- he made sure that we got everything we would need for the door hangy at the hospital, and put it together.

9. being off bed rest- well mostly off. i can't wait to get outside and see how my yard looks.

10. you guys- thanks so much for all the kind words and thoughts. they have really helped me out of the terrible funk i have found myself in.

i hope all is well in your worlds. take a minute and find something to be thankful for.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

she left the suds in the bucket and the clothes hanging out on the line

thank you for all the well wishes. this has been a tough week so far. we made another trip to the hospital yesterday because the downward pressure isn't easing up at all, and i don't feel my contractions. thank goodness there was no change since Sunday. they were discussing giving the baby some roids, but they decided against it. went to see the dr. for my regularly scheduled visit this morning and there is no change. this is better than great news. she took me off bed rest and put me on light duty. this means i can get off my butt. it feels so nice to do laundry. the bad news is I'm still dilated and effaced farther than i should be at this point. the good news is she thinks that due to his size he would be just fine if he decided to come early. so, I'm allowed to be functional just not too functional. I'm learning to recognize my limits. i have tons to be thankful for this week, so here it is, my thankful list. I AM THANKFUL FOR:

1. my new recliner- the hubby got me one on Sunday when he was told that i needed to be reclined for the majority of the day.

2. my friends- seriously you guys rock. i have gotten emails, texts, calls, and comments about the prayers you guys are sending up for me. did i mention my brother and sister haven't even inquired about how I'm doing? thanks guys you rock.

3. my hubby- not only did he get me a cool new recliner, he has stayed home or close to home all week.

4. flowers- the tulips are in bloom and they are beautiful. they really help cheer a girl up when she is feeling down.

5. comfy clothes- it makes it nice to be able to lounge in comfy clothes, so i don't feel like I'm being cut in two.

6. knitting- at least it has kept my hands busy this week.

7. being mobile- no really I'm thrilled to be able to do laundry.

8. nurses that have a sense of humor- my nurse Sunday was hilarious, and that really helped my nerves considerably.

9. my cell phone- at least i could check and send emails while reclined.

10. normal blood pressure- it is one less thing to worry about during this less than fun time.

i really can't say thanks enough for all of the prayers and well wishes. as eager as i am to meet the little one, i hope he doesn't decide to arrive until after April 27th. i hope this Easter finds everyone with family and loved ones. my mom is coming in for the weekend, so it should be a good time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

so good bye yellowbrick road

this is going to be short. i was in the hospital yesterday for some preterm labor issues. i am fine as is the baby. however, i have been put on "modified" bed rest. this means i can recline during the day. as it stands i have no way to blog and recline at the same time, so that means if you want to chat you're going to need to email me. trust me this is harder on me than you. who puts a SAHM with a 3 year old on bed rest, no really. i hope to have an update on my condition Thursday after my appointment. hope to blog soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

do you believe in magic

there was a complaint about lack of photos from the blizzard. well, here is my favorite that i took on our way home.
that would be my husband shoveling our car out when it got stuck on the road. you can see how much snow there was on the road, and this was one of the better stretches of road.

this is the girls in the hotel room eating snow. they sent daddy out to get the ice bucket full of snow. i wish i had been thinking forward and i would have brought the stuff to make snow ice cream, but i didn't. they don't seem to mind though. on to the thankful list that i haven't done in several weeks. I AM THANKFUL FOR:

1. txdot- really they had the roads clear and ready to drive.

2. pattylicious- she let us crash at her house after our long drive home. it was awesome everyone was very happy to be together.

3. schwann's home delivery- it is nice to have easy to prepare healthy lunch options.

4. my husband- he can fix anything, which is good since the hot tub has been on the blink.

5. karen- who picked up my angel food when i couldn't make it.

6. my cell phone- it allowed me communication with the outside world while trapped in the land of snow.

7. God- He alone is the reason we made it home safe and sound and to Him i give great thanks.

8. bird feeders- i love to look out the front door while typing on the computer and see all the pretty birds eating.

9. my wee little indoor garden- i used some of the lemon thyme on my salmon for lunch. it was so much more than delicious.

10. babies- i can't believe how fast the twins have grown and grayson too. soon little Q will be here and before i know it he will be walking around. every time my SIL posts pics of her kids i can't believe how big they are. i don't get to see them very often so they seem to grow much faster.

i hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the beginning of spring, did i mention i woke up to snow on the ground this morning. take some time to think about all the blessing you have in your life.