we're just a family of finches making our way in the town w/o a frown.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sweeter than sugar

wow, how did i miss a whole week and a thankful Thursday? oh yeah, last week was rough. i was in the process of battling a cold that was doing its best to settle in my lungs. then i got the call that i had failed my glucose test, ugh. on Thursday i went in and did the 3 hour fasting test and it was not a fun thing.
i am thankful that i passed the 3 hour test, no diabetes for me. woohoo.

i thought everyone could use an Oreo smile from my little man. isn't he cute. we don't get oreos very often, so he was very excited to get some as a snack.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

we are God's hands

i am so thankful for the ability to craft. i know that all my gifts and abilities come from God, so i give him thanks for them. i was so thrilled when i was asked to make a hat for the picture taking of sweet scout. scout is my friend vanillafrog's son and he is so much more than precious. his sweet grams requested a specific type of hat, and i set out to find a pattern and the appropriate colors.

i have to admit it was tougher than i thought it would be. the pompom was the first I'd ever made. well, i made 2 practice ones "just in case". i was so honored to be asked to make something for lil scout. his mom and grams are such amazing christian women and i think the world of them, so it was a true blessing to be asked to make a part of his early adornments.

Monday, November 7, 2011

we're going to the chapel and we're gonna get married

i am so thankful for my hubby. without him i wouldn't have any of my darling kiddos. he is so supportive of me in everything that i endeavor to do. i am truly blessed to call him mine.

this is a picture from our renewal ceremony that we did for our 6th anniversary. i made mine and monkey's dresses. finch and i eloped to vegas, so this was our "ceremony" for the family.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

you are so beautiful

i am thankful for my sweet lil princess. she is truly a light in my life. she is a blessing to me. she is always ready with a laugh or smile whenever i need one. she started to kindergarten this year and is loving school more everyday.

she was so excited to loose this tooth. she lost it at school and they gave her a little treasure chest to store it in until she got home. i am thankful for the joy she sees in everything.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

i absolutely love her, when she smiles

i am so thankful for my eldest child. my sweet monkey. 12 years ago i was anxiously awaiting her arrival, not knowing how much my world and outlook were about to change.

this is a picture of her laughing at the q man as we were making a moving trip from our old house to the apartment. she has one of the most beautiful smiles i have ever seen. she reminds me of how far life has come in her short life. she reminds me of how much love a person is capable of. i know that without her i wouldn't be who i am today. she's taught me that it is wise to choose my battles. she has also taught me that sometimes a hug can make it all better. she gives the best hugs and they can bring a smile to my face even in my darkest moods.

Friday, November 4, 2011

to know, know, know him is to love, love, love him, and i do, yes i do

day three. i am thankful for my lil man. i had no idea how truly different boys are from girls. from birth he has been such a blessing and joy. he was rough and tumble in my belly and is still rough and tumble.

this picture is from before we cut his lovely golden locks. i cried when we cut them because all the baby was gone. he has taught me so much in his short time here. like how to rejoice in the little accomplishments of the day. he's shown me how to live less fearfully. i love this boy and all the different dynamics that he adds to my family

Thursday, November 3, 2011

what if Your blessings come through raindrops

two days in a row, don't believe it myself. my picture thank you is for wee lil sprout. she's quite the active baby so far. below is my favorite picture from her sono. she looked like she was waving hi to us, she did this right after the kids were talking to her. they thought it was super cool.

since it is Thursday i need to do my full thankful post.


1. laundry- being able to do this "chore" means that i am capable of being upright, walking and carrying things. that alone should make me grateful, but wait there's more..... it also means that i have clothes that need to be washed, how wonderful is that. I'm trying to look at housework through different eyes and seeing laundry as a blessing was step one

2. hot tea- i try to have a cup every morning to start me off on a calmer note

3. honey crisp apples- LOVE these apples. they are only available for a short time, so i try to eat all that i can when i can get them

4. my minivan- it seats all of us and is super comfy, love it

5. friends- what a blessing they are to me. words of encouragement and prayers when i need them. even better being able to do sweet things for them

6. yarn- my yarn stash has gone crazy, but I'm slowly using it up making things

7. learning new things- my sil sent me a spindle for my birthday and I'm so excited to try it out, now i just need some extra time in my day

8. kool-aid- not only do my kids drink it by the gallon, you can dye yarn with it. yep, that's also on my list of to do things

9. good food- we are cooking more and more at home. i forget how much better a good home cooked meal tastes than what you can get out.

10. good water- our water here leaves quite a bit to be desired, so we have been buying water. you know it's rough when you think someone has been cleaning with bleach because the chlorine smell is so strong from the water.

i hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart

i already posted these pics on my crafty blog, totally on accident. i blame pregnancy brain, so if you want to read what i am thankful for go check it out. i will try to remember to post them here tomorrow.