we're just a family of finches making our way in the town w/o a frown.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

paranoia, paranoia everybody's coming to get me, just say you never met me

what an awesome week this has been for my little family. we got to travel to midland with daddy for work, and that is always a good time. we played in the pool, play putt putt, and ping pong. then home we headed to get the house picked up in time for a grandma visit. i got an invite to a friend's wedding reception in the piney woods area, and I'm really hoping we can go. i haven't seen most of these friends in almost 15 years. i have found so much to be thankful for this week. i am so blessed. i have actually had time to post on both my craft blog and my cooking blog, so if you wonder what I'm doing in either of those areas check it out. i am hoping to post more goodness on both soon. on to my thankfuls


1. my friends- i have some of the most awesome friends in the world. seriously my friends ROCK. I LOVE YOU GUYS.

2. my hubby- i can't say how much i appreciate his goodness and kindness.

3. quotes- i do love a good quote. want some good ones watch tombstone.

4. ac- this isn't the hottest summer ever, not even close, but it is summer.

5. thunder boomers- what an amazing storm we had last night. tons of rain and lightening. i love the storms that are fierce without being deadly. i have no need for tornadoes or giant hail, but a good thunder boomer with lots of rain is amazing to behold.

6. my garden- i will try to take some pictures of it soon. we have tons of tiny zucchini blossoms, and that means tons of zucchini.

7. my kids- they are so wonderful.

8. frozen burritos- yummy quick food.

9. learning something new- love learning.

10. teachers- ah the unsung hero of the future. to all of my friends who have this profession, WAY TO GO- YOU ROCK. no really i don't think they hear that often enough.

thank you for all who read. what are you thankful for this week? the kind word of a friend when you were down, a much needed family vacation, new life, new hope, a new chance, the hug of a friend, the love of a child. i hope this weekend finds you blessed with love. i will be trying my hand at a couple of new recipes this weekend and you will be able to find them on my cooking blog.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

i love you, i honestly love you

what an amazing week this has been. i thought i would include some pictures this go round. my love has been working close to home, so we have gotten to spend tons of time together as a family. the church took the kids to jump and jive and the kids had such a great time. below is lefty, he is a lab mutt. his left arm is the only limb that doesn't have spots of some form on it. he has a sleeve on his right arm and capped toes on his back legs. when he rolls on his belly it looks like he is wearing a holster. he is such a good boy.

below is a pick of her heiness and her new friend. her friend is the daughter of my friend, who will be known as peaches. peaches was the school librarian when monkey was in kindergarten. i met her again in my crochet class. what an amazing lady she is.
this was the last day of pre-k. all the kids surrounded the teacher to hug her and tell her how much they would miss her.

this is the q man. monkey did his hair in a Mohawk after playing in the water. isn't he the sweetest thing ever.

i am currently making a set of booties and hat for our music minister and his wife, well their baby. i hope to post pics, i know I'm so bad at posting pics. on to my thankfuls.
1. netflix- we really enjoy the instant play movies. they have tons of scoobydoo and veggie tales available for the kids, and the hubby and i are catching all of the dead zone series.
2. love- it is so good to be loved, and to love others.
3. God- without Him and His guidance i would be lost. literally i would be doomed to a terrible life and afterlife.
4. rain- love the summer rain, how it cools things off and makes everything seem new again.
5. idiots- without whom i wouldn't realize how special teachers truly are.
6. teachers- i don't know how you guys do it, but thank you for all you do.
7. answered prayers- there have been several of these lately, thanks God
8. good food- we had kabobs and homemade pudding tonight. love good food
9. angel food- seriously i don't know how we would make it without it.
10. my home- we have lived in our current dwelling for a little over 6 years now, and i love it more everyday.
what are you thankful for this week? your ac working again, your spouse, your friends, your family. take time to tell those you care about what they mean to you. thanks again for reading, and i have actually posted on both of my other blogs this week. have a great week and God bless

Monday, June 14, 2010

i'm so unworthy, but still you love me

i realize what an amazing gift salvation is, and i can't believe some people don't want it. while at church this past Saturday i came to an amazing decision- i will treat people the way God would want me to treat them. regardless of how they behave i will be the better person. this week looks to be a better week because of this decision. it will still be busy and people will still act the way they choose, but i do not have to give into it. thank you readers for the prayers and warm thoughts.

Friday, June 11, 2010

i'm going home

i have really pondered about this blog post. mainly because i don't want it to be taken out of context. i do not proclaim to be a nice person, i do not proclaim to be the most christian person, and i surely do not claim to be the end all or the be all. if you need help, more often than not i will help. i do however expect a certain level of.... decorum to be upheld. i have had a really hard time this week being grateful. it seems like everywhere i look i find cruelty. i don't understand. so i haven't posted a thankful list, to those who still read i do apologize. this week has brought me to a very dark place. i am praying to be through this soon. here are my thankfuls, a day late, but not a dollar short.


1. pattylicious- sometimes i don't understand why she is so loyal a friend, but weeks like this i sure am glad she is.

2. my hubby- i don't understand his logic sometimes. i don't understand why he insists on me being level headed, but I'm glad that he sticks with me.

3. old friends- some of my friends from middle and high school have really cheered me up this week on facebook

4. pizza night- this has been a family tradition for a little over a decade. i love the good food and good times.

5. honesty- i can't stress how much i appreciate this. if you can't be honest with me then don't be around me.

6. crafting- i crocheted a market bag this week and i don't care for the design, but i love the color.

7. my mom- she came to visit this week and she was a definite uplift to the crap week I've had.

8. cooking- have i mentioned we are only eating at home now. the food is awesome, if you don't mind me bragging on me.

9. understanding- this only covers so much before it flies out the door and gets demolished by a passing semi.

10. truly knowing someone- i have learned a very important lesson this week.

11. the ability to help others- this too has been exploited and i find myself hardening against it in the future. i HATE being used.

12. good upbringing- i don't assume that i had a normal childhood, in fact most of you would call me a liar if i ever decided to post my whole story, i was raised to be caring, honest, and kind. i appreciate those characteristics in others.

13. my kids- have i mentioned how much i love them.

14. hornsby- sipping a cold one and calming down currently.

15. the sunshine- i hate the heat, but love the sun. i know it sounds strange, but i love the way the sun feels when I'm feeling down.

16. the garden- my how it grows

17. puppies- have i mentioned lefty?

18. blogs- I'm so glad to be able to read blogs again.

19. my ac- have i mentioned it has been hot

20. snow cones- we are thinking of opening one.

i am thankful for second chances those i have given and those that have been given to me. i hope to not let down those who have given friendship another go. so what are you thankful for? thanks again to those of you who still read and have a great weekend.

Monday, June 7, 2010

some fools never learn

i had every intention of blogging last Thursday, but something else to be grateful for came along. things are good around here. i have come to the realization that other people's desire for drama doesn't have to drag me down. a blogger friend reached out for help, and i offered a hand. she and her fiance are now residents of my beloved town. we have been enjoying showing off the local food and scenery. the fiance who was renamed ted by her heiness has become a constant friend to the kids. well Thursday ted got an interview for a job, this was super awesome and we were all very excited. on Thursday afternoon he got a call that he got the job, he started on Friday. talk about answered prayer. did i mention her heiness cut her hair, again.

yeah, it is that short all over. it was a bit heartbreaking for me and her once she realized she was in trouble.

isn't this cool. we got it as a birthday gift for q and a summer toy for all the kids. they love it.

those are the booties i made for my brother. his daughter is expected in august.

the kiddos in the lil kiddy pool. they are all getting so big. q loves the water.
now on to the thankfuls:
1. air conditioning- it is so hot already. we are expecting 100s all week.

2. my hubby- he helps keep me calm when i really want to punch somebody upside their head.
3. crafts- it feels so good to be crafting.
4. my friends- what an amazing group of people. you help keep me grounded and remind me that maybe i am a good person.
5. good food- I've been doing lots of cooking lately, and i am loving it.
6. ice- loving cold drinks in the hot weather
7. my kids- q is officially walking. he has been taking steps for a little over month now, but this morning he was walking all over the living room.
8. prayer- i heard that if you pray for someone it is hard to stay angry with them, and amen it is true.
9. netflix- currently the kids are watching veggie tales on instant watch.
10. a sense of humor- someone once said "if you can't laugh at yourself you maybe missing out on the joke of the century", learning to laugh at myself and the silliness that surrounds me has really helped with the insanity.
i am thankful for all the sweet comments. i am thankful for people who understand that there is more to life than meets the mere eye. what are you thankful for? perhaps a kind word when you were down, the chance to be a grandma for the first time, or maybe a job when the job hunt seemed hopeless? i hope this week finds you in a blessed place.