we're just a family of finches making our way in the town w/o a frown.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

she gathers rain

one of my fellow bloggers was having a tough time, and is now adjusting to a new life. i have many memories of this song and how i think it describes different times in my life. now whenever i hear it i think of her. congrats on freedom and the wisdom to follow God. (you know who you are)

Today she dresses
For the change shes facing now
And the storm thats raging
A safe haven she has found
She doesn't care
What the prophets say anymore
For the love she had
She has no more

So she gathers rain
She gathers rain
To rinse away all her guilt and pain
She gathers rain
She gathers rain
To wash and cleanse and make her whole again

Her imagination
Has started stretching wide
And her new conviction
No longer will she hide
She's not branded
When prophets speak words of fire
The same love she gives
She requires

So she gathers rain
She gathers rain
To rinse away all her guilt and pain
She gathers rain
She gathers rain
To wash and cleanse and make her whole again

if you are what you say you are a superstar

well, the hubby and i sat down and did 3 months worth of budgets. not nearly as painful as it could have been. the monkey has over 400% of her AR goal for reading for the six weeks. oh yeah we're proud. the wee heiness calls, so here is my list.


1. thursdays- it is so nice to sit and reflect on all of the wonderful things that i am grateful for.

2. animal crackers- they seem to keep the nausea down to a minimum.

3. jello- i love all things jello, well almost. i love jello beans and jello molds, not the growing kind. mmm jello

4. giant crossword books- that i can toss on giant spiders to kill them dead.

5. my husband- who cleans up the remains of the spiders. he does so many other things as well. love that guy.

6. budgets- we now have a name for all of our money and what it should be spent on.

7. independence- watching my 2 1/2 year old try things by herself makes me realize what a wonderful person she is becoming. (this is how i have to look at it or else i want to throttle her willfulness)

8. sweet songs- she sings some of the sweetest songs ever heard. too sweet to hear " A B C D E F, kwinkle little star"

9. helpers- these past few wednesdays would not have been possible without these lovely ladies, so thank you karen and tara.

10. honey crisp apples- yes they are available again. they are well worth the price i have to pay for them. love these apples.

well, what are you thankful for a smile, a laugh, or a song sung sweetly? take time to think about it. i am also grateful for the autumn season. have a great weekend. i'll post pics from the komen race for the cure on monday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i'll be better when i'm older

this will be relatively short, as i am feeling exhausted and want to rest.

1. long walks- they always pep me up and put me in a better mood.

2. animal crackers- they really help when my tummy grumbles

3. good friends- both new and old. i am grateful for the friends that i have.

4. comments- i love both to give and receive. they really have a way of perking up the day.

5. good teachers- monkey's math teacher called today, and i began to panic. it usually isn't good news when a teacher calls and there was an "incident" that included monkey at school yesterday. instead the teacher called to tell me what a bright, wonderful, and intelligent girl she was. this teacher rocks.

6. dvr- so i can watch tv when the girls are sleeping.

7. pizza night-this tradition dates back about 9 years or so. every friday night we have pizza. it started as frozen and slowly we have progressed to homemade. we also get to enjoy this with our friends which makes it that much cooler.

8. my hubby- what an amazing man he really is.

9. my adorable daughters- her heiness asked where the baby was, and monkey told her in momma's belly. so now at completely random times she will lift the bottom of my shirt up to pet the baby.

10. dave ramsey's program- although it is mostly common sense, it is nice to have a definite plan in front of us. if things go the way we hope they will we should be debt free, other than the house, in the next 2 years or less. how much does that rock.

the incident at school went something like this. a little girl who has always had it in for monkey was picking on another little girl at recess. monkey told her to stop because that wasn't very nice. the little girl told her to "shut up ratface" and then punched her in the stomach. did i mention this whole thing was being watched by one of their teachers? when the teacher asked what was going on another girl responded with "demon child just punched monkey in the stomach for no reason."* what did the teacher do? she told the girls that they all needed to get along. monkey walked away looking dejected. i could have ripped that little girl's hair out from the inside i was so mad. now i get to decide what exactly to do about this situation. did i mention this isn't the first time this little girl has physically assaulted monkey? anyway, take some time to tell those that matter in your life how you feel about them. have a great weekend.

*NAMES HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT and that monster child whose mother is a gossip monger.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

you could be my princess

things are good in my part of the world. i've heard that all my friends and family that were in Ike's path are safe with no injuries. i've been trying to walk everyday, but missed yesterday. i've walked 3 miles a day for the last week and a half. woo hoo. thought i would keep everyone up to date on what is going on in the finch world. this weekend we have a birthday party for pattylicious' son, he's going to be 9. today our youth minister's youngest turns 1. next saturday team finch will be participating in the Komen race for the cure. we will be doing the fun walk (it's the one they allow strollers in). i hope that all are doing well. i've got several craft projects going that i hope to post soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

shower the people you love with love

thanks for all the sweet comments about the upcoming new addition. we are very excited about the prospects. on a different note, my friend shellybabes is trying to put together a swap, but she would like some input. if you guys would head over to her blog and give some ideas i'd appreciate it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

baby can i hold you tonight

just a quick note while we wait for the bus. some of you already know, but for the rest of the world... we will be welcoming wee finch #3 sometime in may. we are really excited. more to post later.

Friday, September 12, 2008

it's just a little crush

Ahh, crush, ahhh

I see ya blowin' me a kiss
It doesn't take a scientist
To understand what's going on baby
If you see something in my eye
Let's not over analyze
Don't go too deep with it baby

So let it be what it'll be
Don't make a fuss and get crazy over you and me
Here's what I'll do
I'll play loose
Run like we have a day with destiny

It's just a little crush (crush)
Not like I faint every time we touch
It's just some little thing (crush)
Not like everything I do depends on you
Sha-la-la-la, Sha-la-la-la

It's raising my adrenaline
You're banging on a heart of tin
Please don't make too much of it baby
You say the word "forevermore"
That's not what I'm looking for
All I can commit to is "maybe"

So let it be what it'll be
Don't make a fuss and get crazy over you and me
Here's what I'll do
I'll pay loose
Run like we have a day with destiny

It's just a little crush (crush)
Not like I faint every time we touch
It's just some little thing (crush)
Not like everything I do depends on you
Sha-la-la-la, Sha-la-la-la

Vanilla skies (vanilla skies)
White picket fences in your eyes
A vision of you and me

It's just a little crush (crush)
Not like I faint every time we touch
It's just some little thing (crush)
Not like everything I do depends on you
Not like I faint every time we touch
It's just some little thing
Not like everything I do depends on you
Not like I faint every time we touch
It's just some little thing
Not like everything I do
Depends on you

yes, that was mine and finch's theme song. i had been dating a fellow theater nerd for a year, and he decided i wasn't what he wanted anymore. i was worse than devastated, so i signed up for 21 semester hours that fall. i was also the box office manager for the blinn theater, and would be auditioning for both fall shows. needless to say i wasn't interested in dating. we had auditions and there was th ex with his new "thing". in the back row sat two military looking fellows, you know buff with burr cuts. i said out loud woo hoo fresh meat because most of the guys in the theater are less than macho men. turns out one of the guys, chris, was there to support his girlfriend, brittany, who was auditioning, and had talked his best friend, finch, into joining. well, cast lists were posted and brittany was my understudy. she immediately went into yenta mode. she was determined to set finch up, apparently she thought he was in need of a girlfriend. my friend shelley was all set up to attend a lovely dinner/double date. something came up last minute and she couldn't attend. brittany desperately needed someone to accompany her to lyons. it was dark and she didn't feel entirely comfortable driving the 30 minutes by herself, so i agreed to go if she would drop me off to see a few of my friends who lived near by. well, she decided to stay the night and i had no choice but to agree. she and her boyfriend crashed in finch's room. finch slept on the floor, so that i could have a bed to sleep in. the next morning i woke up to see finch vacating the bathroom wearing his scrub bottoms and no top. i said "what a cutey where do i get one?" that weekend we went to the kolache fest as our first date, and then dancing. 3 months after that we drove to vegas to get married. ten years later we are still married and happier than ever. most of my friends gave us 1 year max, glad to say we won.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

all i need is the air that i breathe and to love you

what a wonderful week it has been so far. i finished and mailed my flirty apron for the swap. then promptly lost the confirmation delivery number. i received my sassy apron, and i LOVE IT. sweet tara came and helped last night at church, and i sure am glad she did. i couldn't have done it without her. my wonderful nephew turned 3 this week, my sister will turn a little older than 3 tomorrow, my BIL will turn a little younger than my sister today, and tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of mine and finch's first date. monkey is kicking butt and taking names in school. she tested on the 4th harry potter book and got a 94. did i mention she's in 3rd grade? i am so proud of her. my mom came and hung out for the weekend and we had a wonderful time. here is what you have all been waiting for... my thankful list.


1. aprons- both those i make and those i receive.
this is one side of the "chinese garden" apron i made.

this is the other side. if you look closely you can see the frogs i put on it to give a more chinese feel to the apron. my partner said she loved the lotus flower.
this is the fall sassy apron

this is the sassy fall apron i received. i am way more than stoked about it. i wore it last night to fix dinner at the church and got many compliments on it. thank you karen b.

2. potholders- seriously i didn't know they could be so pretty and cool. i have a few homemade potholders that are knitted, but i had a blast making my potholders.

this is one side of the potholders i made for the sassy apron swap.

this is the other side. it is the same material i used for the apron.

one side of the potholder i received.

the other side. it matches my apron perfectly. so excited

3. my family- all of them. they remind me that it is good to be loved.

4. blogger friends- the comments are awesome. i also get to see things that i would never get to experience on my own. vacations in australia, life in swanland, and life in austria.

5. the ability to adjust- this comes in very handy when life turns upside down.

6. my sewing machine- without it i could not have made the three aprons that i made.

7. swaps- yes, my name is reina and i am a swapaholic.

8. getting out of debt- one step at a time, but it is happening. we are 1 major and 1 minor credit card away from being mostly debt free. i don't count the car and house payment because in my life those are necessary.

9. forgiveness- both that given and received. thanks

10. acceptance- not sure that's the right word, but i will explain. the realization that i am responsible for the choices i make both good and bad. yes, the situation could have been avoided with proper guidance, but at the end of the day I am responsible for my choices.

i have an extra thankful for today i am thankful for friends who are so amazingly talented. my friend tara drew these two pics for the girls. monkey is obsessed with the avatar, and her heiness adores cinderella.
did i mention she free handed these?
my dear, wonderful, amazing friend pattylicious sent me two letters this week, thanks. i do love mail. so what are you thankful for this week? the wonderful feel of fall, the love of a child, a pet who is a constant companion. think about it. have a great day, tomorrow i will tell the tale of finch and reina.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

a dream is a wish your heart makes

this is for the book and bookmark swap blog. i am totally stoked.

My favorite authors- i have read most of kootz's old stuff as well as stephen king's. i really enjoy the classics too.

My hobbies...sewing, knitting, crochet, tatting, cooking/baking, embroidery, cross stitch, gardening, books, stationary, beading, glasswork, and so much more

My favorite books..the gunslinger series by stephen king. the chronicles of narnia. gone with the wind. pillars of the earth, picking a favorite book is like picking a favorite child i just can't do it.

My books I want to read...the bones seriers by kathy reichs, james patterson, sue grafton, patricia cornwell, the "cat who" mystery series, the final 3 harry potter books. the odd thomas series by koontz.

My books I don't like.... bodice rippers. anything too depressing.

My favorite type [sci-,romance,ect....]i don't really have a favorite type. i enjoy a wide array of books. cookbooks, craft books, scary books, brain candy, thrillers, mystery, historical fiction.

My favorite colors...yellow, blue, purple, red, green, and most other colors.

My allergies...annoying people

My favorite pets...dogs and finches

My favorite scents...coffee, lavender, citrus, cinnamon, pine, jasmine, clean smells

My Amazon Wish List link.....i don't have one

Other stuff about me...i adore betty boop, mary engelbreit, mermaids, fairies, unicorns. i'm pretty easy going. i'll try just about anything once, and i've discovered the only way to find new things that you like is to try new things. i am self taught on most of my crafts, so a good craft book is always appreciated.

Monday, September 8, 2008

when you wish upon a star

i just joined a swapblog and this is the wish list for them.

Are you a knitter or crocheter?? both, not really great at either. crochet seems somewhat confusing, but i enjoy both.

I love to make..... baby stuff, holiday stuff, household stuff, just stuff in general

I really want to make...... socks, i need to practice more, purses, and those cute little japanese animals.

My favorite yarns are..... cotton, wool makes me itch. i really like vanna's new yarn

My wish pattern is...... for a beautiful baby afghan or easy sock pattern

My favorite hooks or needles are..... my grannies, i got them when she passed away. the real reason i am teaching my self to knit and crochet. the only ones i've used are the metal ones that she had.

I really wish I had.....more time to craft and someone to help me with some of my questions

My favorite colors are...yellow, purple, blue, green, red, garnet, i like almost anything.

My hobbies...cook/bake, read, sew, knit, crochet, embroider, cross stitch, garden and tatting

My kitchen theme and colors..currently sage green and country themed

My bathroom theme and colors...one is red, white and black with betty boop theme (or at least it will be), the other is blue and yellow sailboats/beach themed

My dislikes....humidity

My crafts..what I like....candles, beading, stickers, stationary, cool socks, pens, any thing mary engelbreit, soaps

My allergies...none that i know of

My favorite pets...dogs, we have a yellow lab, we also have 3 chickens. i adore finches

My favorite scents...lavender, clean smells, citrus, i don't care for most fake food smells, other than cinnamon. you know fake vanilla smell in candles, eww.

My favorite novels or magazines...i could no more pick a favorite book than a favorite child. i read anything other than romance novels. i love a good mystery or a good suspense. i just love to read. magazines that i adore: Tea Time by southern lady, Hallmark, Victoria, Taste of Home, all of the sewing, knitting, beading type mags that you can pick up.

Other stuff about me...i love coffee and tea. i love mythical/fantasy creatures, you know mermaids, unicorns, fairies, elves. i adore reindeer. i love to learn new things. i'm pretty easy going and i like most anything that isn't tacky.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door

well not really, but Rosemond showed up in Amarillo on Saturday and that is close enough. she and her family have been on vacation, and we got to see them for brunch in Amarillo. i haven't seen her in about 12 years or so. i also got to meet her lovely family. we spent the rest of Saturday cutting and splitting wood. Sunday we had church in the park. i made deviled eggs for the event. the cowden clan came down for church in the park, and joe made some really delicious banana pudding. Monday finch spent studying and i got my fall sassy apron swap stuff all finished and packaged up. i really hope she likes it. i will post pics later, maybe tomorrow. i finished getting everything for my flirty apron swap today. oh am i excited. i will send that package tomorrow. then post all of the pics. did i mention that my friend tara and her wee ones came over on Sunday? all the kiddos played together and had a good time. we adults all got to hang out and enjoy adult conversation. i have really learned to appreciate adult conversation. well it is that day again. time for thankful Thursdays.


1. text messages- we got the "everything package" on Friday, so now we have text abilities. this has been a lot of fun so far. my hubby got a new "even better than mine" phone. he spent all night texting everyone instead of talking to us.

2. world market- i went today so i could get the rest of my swap stuff, and i am SOOO glad that we have one in Amarillo now.

3. care packages- my friend got hers and really liked it. bringing happiness to others makes my day.

4. cool weather- it was 53 this morning when i climbed out of bed. i LOVE fall, winter and spring.
5. my hubby- he knows that i have been exhausted lately, so he let me sleep an extra hour today. he got monkey up and ready for school, so that i could get some extra sleep.

6. the girls- they are a never ending source of love and wonder for me.

7. fabric shopping- i am such an addict.

8. the two new aprons i will be getting in the near future.

9. riding lawn mowers- we live on about a city block, and i usually mow most of it with a push mower. the hubby go the rider going and mowed the back 40 for me on Tuesday.

10. sushi- had it for lunch at my favorite Thai/Chinese/Japanese place in canyon. when i was pregnant with her heiness i craved sushi. the guys that run the place would make an extra "for the baby". when she was born they gave us a huge box of diapers. do you think we eat there too often?

this has been a very busy and wonderful week. there are several things that i have been praying about that i can now see answers to. God is good. take some time to think about what you're grateful for.