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Monday, December 17, 2007


i was recently contacted by a friend that i haven't heard from in roughly 13 years. it was so awesome to hear her voice and catch up with her. she asked the same question many of my old friends have asked "why are there no pictures of you?" i gave her the same response i give everyone else "because i woke up one day and i was gigantic". seriously, once upon a time i was scrawny skinny, and then i got married, had in-laws who hated me and made it their daily chore to make me crazy. oh yeah, i also had two kids. because she asked here are some pics of me. most of them are pretty old.

this is me on the day finch and i renewed our vows. 3 yrs ago.
i made the dress.

this is me and the hubby this past summer

this is adara and me getting my ring from WT. 3 yrs ago

there you go. i will attempt to let other people take some pics this christmas.


RamFam said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Love ya! :)

Gator World!! said...

Well, I am so proud of you for putting up pics of yourself. Look at you go. And you know how much I love that dress! It is just beautiful!!!

rosemond said...

You're a hottie!

Poppy Buxom said...

You're beautiful.