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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ready or not

you may not be impressed by the first photo, but it was a first for me. these are the first rice crispy treats that i have ever made. yes, you may be surprised that i have never made these. i know it was a wee bit of a shock for me too. i made them the week of thanksgiving, so i felt the need to put fall like sprinkles on them. they didn't last very long. i have since made several batches of these overly sweet delights. i made some with strawberry marshmallows and they were fab.

here is my super helper. she was responsible for the pink salad. she also helped with the pumpkin pie, stuffing, and several other crucial turkey day foods. she helped my mom shape all of the rolls, and she did an excellent job with the tea ring. having her help is really exciting for me because by the time i was 8 i was in charge of the pecan pie making. i'm glad that she enjoys cooking.

although she didn't get to help make much she was the official taster of all things. my granny made this apron for my older sister about 36 years ago or so. mimi brought the head gear for her heiness. my thanksgiving head gear was provided by the princess mindy. sorry no pics of it, i don't like to be photographed. the blue smear on her cheek is from the crispy treats made with fruity pebbles.
isn't this how you're supposed to eat olives? later in the evening the cowden clan came over and she and XXX were putting them on their fingers. it was really cute.

they are called stockings. she thought that meant that you were supposed to put them on. we got the house decorated for christmas. while team gator was terrorizing the stores team dunkin was enjoying a fire, pancakes, cocoa, and decorating. i had several other really awesome photos, but alas i could only upload 5.

we had a great holiday. my uncle roy and his wife came down from OKC and we had a lovely visit with them. my brother and his wife didn't make it up due to the inclement weather. my sister only made it for about 6 hours on turkey day. this wouldn't be nearly so aggravating, but she spent a week with one of her friends in lubbock. it is always nice to know where you rank in priority. any way. monkey had a great birthday. she got the harry potter books, all but the last one. she has made it to chapter 5 or 6 already. pattylicious got her some really great books and a beautiful bookmark. monkey got tons of clothes and 2 new pair of tennis shoes. she also got this great pair of pink pjs with matching slippers, her highness has already claimed them as hers. for those of you who follow the avatar she got the entire second season. for those of you who don't follow it, you really should it is an awesome cartoon. we own season 1 and 2, and have season 3 on dvr. all in all it was a great holiday. the week started out with a little gifty in my mailbox from the princess mindy. it was this adorable little note book. then there were thanksgiving parties at mdo and monkey's school. i got to spend wednesday with pattylicious and my mom came over later and we got to spend most of the holiday with her. big uns and biker came over and we played uno all night. it was a wonderful time. hope your holiday was equally wonderful and blessed.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What a cool post! Love the pics of the girls!

I can eat an entire pan of rice crispie treats all by myself...for reals!

RamFam said...

You can upload as many as you what, just five at a time. Just FYI. Love ya! :)