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Thursday, January 22, 2009

i did it my way

that doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who has known me very long. the few of you who have been friends with me longer than 10 years, wow you should get some kind of major award. the first 2/3 of my life inhaled, so the fact that some of you knew me then and still talk to me now is pretty impressive. the hubby and i have been doing a lot of talking the past few months about getting older, what has changed for the better, and how glad we are that we aren't 20 anymore. i was going to do a new year's post about what i learned last year and what i hope for in the coming year, but it just seems a bit cliche. instead i am going to say thank you individually to a few of my bloggy friends that have made this past year a great one.

shellybabes you my friend rock. i met my red headed alter ego when i was a child of 13. somehow she has managed to stick with me as a friend. she is one of those friends that no matter how rarely we talk, it doesn't seem like any of the friendship has been lost. she has been a great source of christian advice this past year and i am way greatful that God put her in my path.

vanillafrog you were always such an inspiration to me. she was the first nonconformist that i really ever knew. i met her the same time i met shellybabes. i was always so jealous that she didn't try to be anyone other than who she was. did i mention how cool she was too? so awesome. i have really enjoyed your blog and the humor involved. i still don't know how you manage to teach middle school without killing the students.

mzzterry is vanillafrog's mom. so i was so jealous that she encouraged her girls to be who they were. i love her blog. she is so honest and open, and a wonderful christian who always has a sweet comment to leave when i need it most. she raised her daughters to be wonderful christian women who aren't afraid to think for themselves. i hope i can be that kind of mom. thanks for the inspiration.

bex i knew from the same time period as the above group. i am thankful that we have reconnected and that life is treating you so beautifully.

rosemund i also know from the world of gladewater. i actually got to see her this year when her beautiful family was in amarillo. i remember how kind she always was in middle and high school. it is wonderful to see that some people only become more beautiful inside and out as they get older. your blog always brings a smile to my face. thanks

pattylicious my sister. i know that 2008 inhaled profusely for you, but it gave me the chance to be a true friend. thank you for so many things. defending me adamantly on your blog and anywhere else the idiocy seems to feel the need to rant. i hope that 2009 brings you peace and joy. you deserve them.

leah my inlaw that has become a friend. i'm glad that we have gotten to know each other. thank you for being a sounding board when i thought my head would explode. i hope 2009 brings a hunting accident that would make your life easier.

sweetflutterby what a great bloggy friend you have been. i love the recipes that you post and the kind words that you leave.

hotcup what a year 2008 was for you. thank you for the kind words that you have left when i needed them. i hope 2009 brings you all that you hope for.

this past year had its ups and downs, but i'm sure that can be said about any year. i would like to share a few things that i am thrilled about that will happen this year. the first is we will be debt free other than the vehicles and house this year. we will also welcome a new finch into the world. i have to say so far 30 has been the best year yet. i know that i didn't mention all the wonderful bloggy friends that i have, but i'm tired and the wee one is actually napping. remember there will always be haters in the world, so don't let them get to you. thanks to all of you who still take the time to read my blog.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

*blush* I am so flattered and humbled that you included me in your friends list. I really enjoy your posts and the blogfriends we have become. And thanks for the reminder about the haters of the world. Sometimes, when you have a few in your life, they can get you down.

Have a great weekend!

RamFam said...

And we are all so thankful for you! That big dimply smile, although it's been too long since I saw it last, that great sense of humor, the laugh, the sound advice, the Christian example, I could go on...
Thanks for being you! :)

DyessFam said...

I love you!!! You are awesome and you have such a sweet heart! Thank you for hangin in there with me, too, cuz I know that hasn't been easy many, many, many times. I am so excited to see what God has done and is doing in your life. I love your family and hope that one day our youngers all get to meet and greet. You know, some day when we stop the gypsy life.:) Anyway, I'm honored to be a part of your life! Phone calls, texts and blog posts, oh yeah! God bless you profusely, my lovely friend!

Mzzterry said...

I think it is so neat how this odd group of (what i still think of as ) girls from school have reconnected thru the internet. You, Shelly, Ro, Becky & Rach still seem like kids to me but you have all grown into lovely young women who are making a beautiful and strong statement for God where you are in your respective lives.

It strikes me as funny that you saw/see my daughter as such a nonconformist, because that is a quality I always thought you had. You have always known just who you are and you are not afraid to voice your opinions.

As I have told you, I think you are doing a fab job as a mom. Just follow the Word and your heart and you can't go wrong.

Heres to 2009. May it be our best year yet.

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet, thank you. I am glad that we reconnected, too. Thank you for all your advice and encouragement when I was in the throes of all day morning sickness.

By the way, we might be going to AZ this spring/summer. We will be going along 40, maybe we could meet up and have a meal with our kiddos and hubbys?

Pattylicious said...

Homeslice....I love you man. I will never quit defending you regardless of what it costs me because you are worth twenty times more than anyone gives you credit for...including yourself. You are my role model, my sister, my best friend, and my hero. I love you like we have been together our whole lives. *tear*

*no really....tear*

*oh...and one more tear*

I want to be just as good of a friend as you were to me this past assholish year....not that I want you to have an assholish year....but I definitely want to be that for you.

I have made no secret that you rock. Anyway...I will talk to you later on the phone. :)

Pattylicious said...
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vanillafrog said...

you know i don't do the whole mushy thing...but thank you!