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Thursday, February 18, 2010

silence is golden

ah the peace of nap time. the lil man has been particularly cranky this morning, i blame it on the four teeth that are breaking through. I'm not sure how long nap time will last due to the nature of cranky babies. i finished my first intermediate pattern for crochet. it was a washcloth that was made up of v-stitches and shells. it is more of a rhombus and less of a square than i care for, but her heiness squealed "it's so pretty can i have it?" it now resides in her kingdom. my little princess will be four this Sunday, how does time go by so quickly? i hear the beginnings of fuss from the lil man's room, so here goes thankful Thursday.


1. the ability to work things out- well i don't want to air dirty laundry so that's the best you get for a description. sometimes the ability to say "sorry, i was an idiot" goes a long ways.

2. my kids- they have the ability to make a day amazing. there is nothing like hearing "you're the best mom ever" or "wow, mom you know everything" to make a girl feel good.

3. good shampoo- i have never been a lover of my hair. it has always seemed somewhat...blah to me. i have to admit i love my hair when it is all shiny and soft.

4. good makeup- the hubby got me a ton of ulta makeup for my bday, love it. her heiness decided our 100 pound lab wanted to be a vampire, so she used my good makeup to help him. argh

5. cake decorating- i forget how much i enjoy it, and then i see how awesome one of my old students is doing with her skills.

6. the birds- the hubby wanted some finches. we now have three. did i mention they are laying eggs.

7. flowers- there is still snow on the ground here and according to Doppler Dave more is on its way next week. it is nice to know that all that pretty white stuff is melting and watering my daffodils and tulips.

8. snow- LOVE the snow. i really love it when the hubby and kids are all home and we make hot chocolate and sit around the fire.

9. my hubby- he works so hard so that we can have the life that we do.

10. church family- talk about you don't know what you've got til its gone. well, somewhat. we are still searching for a new church home.

thanks for reading all comments are greatly appreciated, and the really good ones are saved in my email, so i can use them as a pick me up when i get down.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

The little guy is getting teeth already! Whoa, where did the time go?

I also love the snow, though we have 40 inches so far for the month so it's getting a little scary. But it's fun to sit home with a good movie, hot chocolate and snuggle up together. I like hanging out with the kids!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

snow? we've had 61 inches so far this winter... not including today, and what's comin' this weekend *sigh* but it is pretty...

i'm chuckling at the image of the labrador with the makeup... not sure mochajava would sit still for that! yesterday he was awful excited at helping me do pushups... you know helpful, trying to walk underneath me as i did them. hee hee

Mzzterry said...

hey sweet thing. i haven't commented in a while, so sorry!

i hope that things are going beautifully for you and your family. wanted to wish you a Blessed Easter and tell you I really hope you find a church family soon, there is nothing like the love and support of a family of believers. I can't imagine the hole that would be in my life if I didn't have those people that I care and love so much. I know how painful this loss can be from experience. God will lead to you to something even better....He is good like that.

Love you and don't want you to ever forget that!!