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Thursday, August 19, 2010

show me a sign, to let me know you're here

the last two weeks of summer are drawing to a close, and we have been enjoying the ability to travel once again, long story. last week we went to see the gma, and the girls stayed the weekend with her. i hope to be able to get some pics uploaded next week when school is in session again. i have been hard at work making lots of baby stuff for friends and family that are expecting. my niece was born 8-13-2010, she is quite the cutey. I'm also busy getting the house in back to school order so this post will be short, sorry. on to the thankfuls.


1. not being the victim- i don't need to create drama in my life so that i can play the victim to every person who will listen and give pity. i once had a good friend ask why i don't tell about my past, and i said "i don't like to be a victim".

2. cooler weather- this summer has not been nearly as hot as ones i remember in the past, at least in my lil part of Texas. it has been hot, but not east Texas hot. hope it cools down for you guys soon.

3. lessons learned- i could write several blogs on this alone. i am grateful for each lesson that i have learned this summer

4. school- the kids will be going back soon, and life will return to almost normal very soon.

5. beading- i pulled out my old bead tackle box last night and began to make some crochet stitch markers. they are beautiful.

6. air conditioning- it hasn't been above 100 but a few times this summer, but anything above 9 is too warm for me.

7. good music- i love to watch my kids dance and sing to music that they hear.

8. angel food- good food cheap.

9. fresh veggies- the garden overfloweth. we are already discussing what all we want to do next year.

10. new friends- i have made a couple of new bloggy friends this summer and it is nice to meet some new faces with new interests.

i hope this past few weeks have been as wonderful for you as they have for me. take a minute to find something to say thank you for.


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Hello New Friend! We are gearing up for back to school too. Where did the summer go? Cant wait to see your pics! Have a blessed weekend.

queen of everything said...

hello, i wish i knew where the summer went. we are enjoying the last remnants this weekend

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

thankful for my dogs, for cooler temps, hot coffee and a home office... so i can walk the dogs whenver it works in the day! woo-hoo!!

Sweetflutterbys3 said...

Great thankful list! I'm so thankful for my husband's jobs. I pray for everyone who doesn't have one.