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Monday, December 13, 2010

i'll be home for christmas

i know it's been forever since i have been around in the blogosphere. i've been debating getting rid of this lil drivel, but instead i think i will steal an idea from another blog. i hope to be able to take a picture a day of the kids and blog those. we have been very busy here in happy. my sweet monkey turned 11 and is becoming quite the lady. she's a little over 5 foot now and is looking less like a kid everyday. sweet princess is getting bigger by the day as well, and is definitely her own person. halloween was lots of fun here. monkey wanted to be artemis and the princess wanted to be a vampire fairy. yeah, the joys of having an older sister.

this is them at the festival our church held, they had a great time.

a close up of artemis, isn't she pretty
lil man went as the healthiest skeleton ever.

we have a family membership to the discovery center, and have been enjoying it.

monkey was highly curious about the bed of nails bit.

so was the princess

the discovery center has a kinderstudio for kids 5 and under. lil man had a great time

monkey showing off her killer roping skills.
we have had a great fall so far, and the winter is shaping up to be awesome as well. we are traveling this year for christmas, this will be the first time in the 12 years we have been married. i know 12 years of marriage. this fall has brought some very sweet babies into this world. a beautiful set of twin boys to my friend ro and sweet scout to vanilla frog. i have been busy crocheting stockings for the family and some presents too. i hope that all is well for everyone in the blogosphere. work has been good, stressful but good. did you know that mail is measured in inches. think about that for a second.... think how many letters it takes to make up 75 inches of mail. yeah, this time of year is very busy. i need to work on some crochet, so i bid you bye for now. i do hope to be back soon, but the trip south will take me away from the internet.

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mzzterry said...

wow. your kids have grown inches themselves! it amazing how fast they grow!

I learned something new about mail too!

I have never traveled for Christmas, I imagine it would be a different feeling.......I know this year will be special, but it is NEXT year that I am anticipating....(do you think I am wishing Scout's life away already?!)

I soooo enjoyed putting Scout's special crocheted hat on him and taking his photo this afternoon, I told him it was from a special friend!

Have an especially BLESSED holiday season....