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Thursday, December 16, 2010

how many kings have stepped down from their thrones?

what a busy week we have had. i would love to say that the time has flown, but that would be a lie. this week has crawled by at slower than a slug's pace. this morning princess and i made some reindeer dust to give to all her friends in prek. they have their Christmas party this afternoon and she was very excited about having something for everyone. Doppler Dave says that we have a chance for a couple inches of snow tonight and into tomorrow morning. that's always very exciting for the kiddos. monkey has her party at school tomorrow afternoon and i am supplying the puppy chow and rice crispy treats as requested by her. had to get lil man another pair of shoes, he keeps losing one of each pair. i have tons to do, so on to the thankfuls


1. good music- i joined a swap group on ravelry called the odd ducks, and one of the sweet ducks saw that i love better than ezra. she sent me 2 cds. i was so excited that i jumped up and down and did the lil happy dance.

2. surprise packages- i was expecting one box last Saturday from a winter dishcloth swap i was in, but to my surprise and excitement there were 3. 1 package had the above mentioned cds and the other was a loaf of shelly's famous chocolate chip Amish friendship bread. it was sooooo good.

3. netflix- the hubby has been gone all week, so I've been enjoying watching movies instantly while i crochet presents.

4. early bedtime- for me. i require sleep, lots of it, or i just don't function well. this week has been great I've been in bed by no later than 10:15 every night.

5. the ability to be a friend- i don't often brag on myself, but i will this time. i think I'm a pretty awesome friend to have. i don't make friends easily, so i try to hold on to those that i have with all my might. i got to spend a wonderful day with a good friend from high school and it was great to catch up and cook together.

6. my friends- now this group of ladies is just amazing. they are truly God's gift to me in my times of need. it has been a rough 3 weeks and they have been awesome

7. prayer- the power of prayer is soooo amazing.

8. cooking- i love to cook and bake and make things for people.

9. giving- it is the time of year when gift giving is the norm, and i wonder why more people aren't giving the rest of the year. i don't necessarily mean money. my friend peaches gave me the prettiest coupon holder for no other reason than she can. she is an amazing woman that i am thrilled to know.

10. ravelry- seriously addicting, but the ladies i have met are AWESOME.

i am thankful for God who sent Jesus to earth, so that one day i might be saved. i hope the rest of the season is a blessing to you.

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Sweetflutterbys3 said...

I'm a big Netflix fan too, especially when my husband is gone on a trip. Gives me something to look forward to after a long day alone.

I agree, the power of prayer- there is nothing like it.

Have a wonderful Christmas!