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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i will sing a song of hope, sing along

howdy to those who still check in from time to time to see if I'm still alive. i am and i am one year older than last time i wrote. the last two months have been a..... time for prayer and for... holding close and tight to those i love. i have decided to list, in honor of my bday, a list of 32 things i am thankful for.


1. prayers- i have been blessed with many answered prayers this past few months. the fires didn't make it to our property, the issues at hand were solved, and the family is adjusting to where we are.

2. friends- this past year has been worse than rough and my friends have been there to pray for me and to cheer me on, even when i wasn't sure i would make it.

3. the baby- she's not here yet, but she will be before i know it. have i mentioned her due date is the day the ectopic pregnancy was removed? yeah, God works in mysterious ways

4. crafts- i have a couple of things planned for some special ladies in my life. those ladies that have prayed for me and cheered me on. yeah I've got a lil something planned for each of you

5. the cool weather- it was so cool this morning and it felt so wonderful. it's been too hot for too long here

6. tums- got to love heartburn

7. the ability to help others

8. the ability to let go and let God- this year has been full of these moments and i am slowly learning that it's ok to let go

9. kind words- there have been several times recently that it would have felt so good to lash out and be cruel, but instead i offered a few kind thoughts. not sure it changed the other person, but man did it make me feel better

10. silence- the self imposed kind. sometimes the silence between two people is needed to heal the wounds.

11. yarn- I've been crocheting and knitting nearly nonstop the past few months. i really should post some pics

12. laughter- it really is the best medicine

13. well behaved kids- it isn't until I'm surrounded by other kids that i realize "hey mine are actually pretty good"

14. feeding the ducks- the kids have enjoyed this tremendously. we have taken them several times

15. finding peace- I'm still trying to make sense of some of this past year. why people i thought were friends turned out to be... less that friendly, but I'm slowly making peace

16. sleep- i miss a good night's sleep

17. standing up for what i believe- not always the popular choice, but always the right choice

18. manners- how easy they are, but what a foreign concept they seem to be

19. good talks- i don't talk on the phone much, texting is so much easier, i mean who wants to hear my kids fighting while we attempt to discuss anything?

20. dvr- i get to actually watch the shows i want to watch.

21. rain- it has rained a few times, but we are in serious need of more

22. a church home- i miss ours and we are still looking for one here.

23. facebook- i don't play the games anymore, but it is nice to see/keep up with people that i have wondered about over the years.

24. good music- it helps to lift the mood and elevate the spirit

25. clean clothes- which means i do lots of laundry

26. my washer and dryer- after 7 years I'm still loving them

27. privacy- did you know that you can hear almost everything that your neighbors do and say in this apartment. yeah, fun

28. hot tea- it seems to calm my nerves and that has been something to be thankful for lately

29. baby wiggles- this sweet girl is very active. the kids think it is cool that you can see her move

30. soft toilet paper- seriously I'm all about good paper products. they are worth every penny

31. getting wiser

32. the life i live

there are so many things i thank God for daily and it has been nice to list some extra to share with you guys. hope this weekend is a blessing for all of you


vanillafrog said...

ok, do you mean wiggles from the baby? or, are you calling the baby Wiggles? either way, cute! Scout LOVES his hat. it warmed up a little this weekend, but by the end of the week, he should get to wear it again! hope you had a good birthday, old lady! :)

queen of everything said...

wiggles from the baby, we've nicknamed her sprout. so glad he likes it. i had a great bday, just hung out with my sweet family.

DyessFam said...

You are such a wonderful person, Reina! I hope you really, really know that! I appreciate you so much and am so grateful for your friendship. :) I love #3! God is so amazing! #6 = icecream for me. ;p #11 - can't wait to see! I love seeing what you have been crafting. #13 - we have the same realization from time to time. Its nice to be reminded. I'm going to Amen! #s 16, 19 and 30! Love you!

queen of everything said...

thanks shelly, i forget to take pics of most things i make. i will work on that in the future