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Thursday, May 16, 2013

some days i can't even trust myself

i find myself looking and wondering why i haven't been blogging, and all i can think is I've become too busy with myself. i started weight watchers on January 21 and i have rewarded myself for weight lost.  i lost 10% of my starting weight and my reward was a new fancy haircut.  it's the first professional haircut I've had in almost 15 years, and i love it.

then my sweet hubby and i escaped to New Orleans for a few days with out kids. it was absolutely fantastic. four days of adult time was just what we needed. we got to just concentrate on us and we will be going on another trip again soon.

i decided it might be fun to have funky hair color to go along with my new weight, so i went aqua. i loved it, so different from the norm. I've really been working on my accepting myself. I'm a different kind of girl and always have been. I've tried to shove myself into the "normal" mold for so long that i almost forgot how amazing God made me.

 I've decided that i like me and i want to be me. that means funky hair and make-up. I've been really working to make myself something  every month.  this past month i made this little tank. it was a size smaller than i expected and 2 sizes smaller than in January.

i also decided that it might be fun to do pink hair for my first 5k. it was a komen fun run in April. i ran more of it than i walked, so i am proud of myself. i need to keep up the work, but it was a good cause.

i have been in a deep funk for the last month. I've been wondering what to do to get myself out of it. I've decided less fb and more blogging will be the first step. I've also decided that more thankfuls are needed in my life. here i am with my first list.


1.  laughter- there is so much pain in the world, so many tears are shed every day and i am so glad for the laughter.  my kids are constantly making me laugh.

2.  books- my kids are all turning out to be readers and I'm so thrilled that i have passed my love on to them.  the librarians know us and are always so excited to see my kids with the pile of books each of them carries to check out

3.  contacts- i got contacts last week for the first time and i am loving them. now all my cool/funky make-up can be seen.

4.  my hubby- he is so supportive of my and my attempt to get healthier. i am so glad that God sent him my way

5.  crafts- it feels so good to be able to make things with own hands.

6.  good food-  I'm learning with eating less that i really appreciate food. I'm learning to enjoy good for me food that also tastes good.

7.  friends- i am so blessed with such a great group of friends. they are such a great support for me when i get all funky.

8.  heels- i love the way they make me feel and look. the kids got my 4 new pair for mother's day. they were on bogo, so i got 4 instead of 2.

9.  dancing- i love to dance and my sweet hubby has been trying to take me out more often.

10. love- the love i feel for my kids, the love i have for my hubby, the love they return to me, and the love that made the world and then saved it.

i hope that everyone has a great weekend.


Leah of RamFam said...

Dancing? Ballroom or two step?

Leah of RamFam said...

Dancing? Ballroom or two step?

queen of everything said...

mostly two step, but finch did take me to ballroom dancing classes about 7 years ago. he hated them, so i didn't make him go back. i am rewarding myself with belly dancing classes starting in July.