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Monday, June 18, 2007

i am i dawn quixote

C is coming out of the dog house and Sheree is looking at her

this is Dawn Quixote

this is Sancha Panza

this is Zetta

we have recently acquired 5 goats. 2 were birthday gifts for my hubby from his bosses. they are wild and crazy, but seem to be calming with time. these two goats are 1/2 boer. one is very sleek and brown she has a C on her forehead hince her name C. the other is shaggy and not the prettiest thing to look at. our tenant in the apt. helped name her. the other 3 goats are la manchas, does the title make since now? they are wonderful hand fed goats that let our oldest daughter lead them about the pen. we got a mama and her twin girls. the mom was already named Zetta, so i couldn't name her Dawn Quixote. instead i named one of her daughters Dawn and the other is Sancha Panza. had i been allowed to name the mom we would have named the girls, Sancha and Dulcinea. i thought it was fitting to name them after the characters in Cervantes' book Don Quixote. we have been milking Zetta and are hoping her production will increase enough that we can start making cheese and yogurt.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am loving it!!!!

Christmas Lights in June, Texas said...

Hey those rap songs kicked ass like 15 years ago. And Humpty Hump is a noble name...or its a song sung by a guy wearing a large plastic nose...whatever.