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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

new mexico

WORD OF THE DAY- venerate: to treat with deep respect.

as the fourth of july quickly approaches i am excited that i can spend the weekend with my dad. for some of you the fourth may just be a reason to eat/drink to much and play with explosives, but for me i get to spend my dad's birthday with him. i'm not knocking explosives, i love fire more than most. my dad fought in the vietnam police action (it wasn't a war). although it was never officially a war, many vets are still fighting in it. i didn't get to know my dad until i was 26. it really is a long story that is best shared over chocolate. my daughters absolutely adore their abuelo. i haven't been able to see as much of him as i would like because his health is very poor. on thursday the family of finch will load into the car for the trip to abuelo's house. we are very excited and hope to return with pinon coffee and other treats that we love so much, but i also get to spend time with one of the people who makes the fourth of july mean something. there are some holidays that are equally important to all of us, but some holidays are held higher in esteem by our vets. if you haven't thanked one recently for their sacrifice go do it. hope you have a great weekend. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: in the words of Augusten Burroughs "
I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions."



Pattylicious said...

Another perfect quote.


Have fun and be careful! Love y'all. Leah :)