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Friday, October 19, 2007

home is where the heart is

last night i answered the phone when big 'uns called expecting a fun but probably short phone call, it was 9:15 after all. anywho, as the call progressed from silly people acting silly to what her plans were this weekend the conversation got much heavier. she and biker will be getting there angel from the angel tree, they are both way excited. the HOG club's angels come from one of the local children's homes. i offhandedly made the remark that it was wonderful that they do this, but do any of them keep up with their kid through out the year. as many of you know i spent 4 years of my childhood in a children's home, so this subject hits way to close to home for me. anywho, it was a great discussion about what life is like for most of the kids in these homes. most of the club is surprised when the kids ask for things like belts, socks or simple cheap toys. most of these kids came out of ugly situations in which the necessities weren't met much less the niceties. as i got to thinking about the discussion my mind wandered to my own children. they have never known what it is like to wonder about your next meal, and i am glad. i am glad that my daughters have only known security and love. sorry this blog was a little deep, but i really wanted to clear my head. i am working hard to get my envelope stuffed, but there are a few things i want to "craft" for the envelope. hope everyone has a blessed weekend.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

This was not heavy at all sugar...this was you. This was a REAL post.

(((Miss Martha)))

Gator World!! said...

I love this posting. I am glad that I called all around today. I got a list of b-days for the kids if you want a copy just let me know.