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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

so much to say

where do i start? tomorrow we go to vegas, woo hoo. i am really excited, and i hope mine and pattylicious' friendship can survive her keeping aislyn for almost a week. the monkey informed us yesterday that she has the highest reading level in the class. not bad for the little girl who three weeks ago had the lowest reading level in the class. sunday the cowden and dunkin clan are going to go to the corn maze and pumpkin patch at the amazingly fun farm. i went with the girls on saturday and we had a blast. some of the pics are below. the radio station KGNC was there and the monkey informed me that i should sign up to win the $100 they were giving away. i humored her because let's face it if it wasn't for bad luck i would have no luck at all. well, i'm glad i listened, I WON! what else? her highness is learning more signs everyday. she can now do : more, please, a version of daddy and mommy, cookie, eat, bird, cat, and i love you. if any of you live in the amarillo area, the corn maze is an absolute blast. it is about a 45 minute walk if you don't get lost. then you can take the hayride to the pumpkin patch, it's roughly 4 acres. there are all kinds of different pumpkins and when we go next week we are loading up on them. i hope everyone has a great week.

this is a corn cannon. the person helping with the cannon puts the corn on the cob in the cannon, then the person who is shooting the cannon pushes the button and sees how far it goes. monkey had a blast.

this is the girls in the maze. monkey led the way through. we had a really good time, but it was terrible windy.

the cow train. when her highness fell asleep monkey rode it and said it was a blast.

monkey being cute.

me and her highness having fun.


RamFam said...

Sounds like a load of fun! We'll have to find something like that in the area. We'll be praying for you. Love and miss you. :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

winning is so cool!! Have a good time! Maybe you will win there too!