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Monday, October 29, 2007

she's back

apparently the monkey had a great time in OKC visiting my uncle and his fam. she got to watch movies and play games. of course the grandmas always enjoy getting her for a weekend. the grandmas are my mom and her sister. they are identical twins out of a set of triplets. when monkey was little she met my aunt sue for the first time and decided that she was grandma sue. now we just call them the grandmas. we had a relatively uneventful weekend. we had pizza night with the cowden clan as usual. then we just kind of hung out saturday. the hubby went to work sat afternoon and her highness and i went to visit pattylicious for a few hours. finch's dad and his good friend tony stopped by for the evening to rest before heading to idaho to hunt. big 'uns came by and had chicken and dumplings with us last night. we had jello beans for dessert. she is particularly fond of them, so we made them just for her. now i am listening to the sound of a darling little girl who refuses to nap. hope everyone has a happy halloween and a great week.

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