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Thursday, November 20, 2008

take your fast car and keep on driving

i've been having a rough week. we are officially a 1 car family which means that as the housewife, i don't get the car. strange when the hubby was describing the job he didn't mention 12 hour days with me having no transportation. he also didn't mention that he was going to be gone overnight at least once every week. strange i might not have been so excited about it. i know i'm whining, but i'm really upset by this. we also discussed that one of the towns that he will be working is close enough that he wouldn't need to stay the night there, so can someone explain why he stayed there last night? i've been feeling puny the last few days due to the walk to the post office and bank. it's only a little over a mile round trip, but i felt like someone had kicked me in my uterus. whole lot of no fun. some updates for my loyal bloggy readers. my best bud's news has not gotten any better and i may need to bust a few kneecaps to get the problem resolved. supermom is feeling better. amazon's loser ex is in town to see the kids, talk about wanting to bust some kneecaps. my mom is getting excited about our visit to see her next week. we are getting ready for monkey to turn 9. i only feel old when i think about her age, strange huh. well, i feel a wee bit better now that i have vented some. on to my thankfuls


1. Pastor Paul- i needed a ride to church so i could fix dinner and he was having dental work done and couldn't help. he smiles and says use the church van, so i did. it was nice not to have to walk to church.

2. swaps- i have been a lousy swapper the last round of swaps. i had my packages ready on time, but i just didn't make it to the post office. they are all sent and should be received by friday. look what i got though
this is the apron i received for the hot cups for hot mamas apron swap isn't it fab.
it's reversible too. my lady also sent a beautiful mug, it's in the wash so no pic sorry, some way awesome hot chocolate and some marshmallows. it is amaretto flavored chocolate, my fave.
this is my sassy christmas apron and the picture does it no justice. it is sparkly and pretty and wonderful. i had to fight to get it away from the girls. in the package i also got some yummy tea, the gingerbread tea is divine, a cookie cutter, and stencil.

3. friends- i know i put this one on every week, but i really don't know what i'd do with out them. amazon picked monkey up from basketball, so i wouldn't have to walk to go get her. my dearest best bud let me vent and whine, and what she is going through is WAY more difficult than what i'm whining about. all of you who were so worried about me. man am i blessed. thanx

4. my health- yeah i don't feel 100%, but i'm healthy. i can walk, talk, sing, listen, and so much more.

5. my washer and dryer- the 2 weeks when i didn't post, i didn't do much at all including laundry. the fact that my washer and dryer are large capacity make the job much easier now that i have to do it. in fact since monday i have done roughly 10 loads. i wonder why i'm worn out?

6. my sister in law- yeah, we might not agree on everything, but what an amazing woman and friend she has become. she calls regularly to check up on me and the wee ones, even though she has a house full of sick little ones.

7. moments of peace- with a 2 1/2 year old they don't come often, but i sure enjoy them when they do.

8. hot tea- really warms me up on days when the wind won't stop blowing.

9. the pick up- man will i be happy when it is running again.

10. laughter- sometimes it really is the best medicine.

what are you thankful for this week? is it the cold chill in the air, the first snow, a baby's smile, or the future and all of the possibilities that it holds? take time to tell those around you how you feel. call your mom tell her love her, she wants to hear it. hope you have a great weekend.


sweetflutterbys3 said...

It's amazing that with all you are going through, you still come up with 10 great things to be thankful for. Wow. I feel for you with the car situation. Gosh, if I only lived closer to you I'd be there in a skinny minute!

vanillafrog said...

a kid at church is a honey crisp apple snob now, thanks to you. my mom tried them after you mentioned them here. she shared one with my fave kid in her class at mother's day out, and now he says that is the only kind of apple he will eat! see how far your blog reaches!?!?!?

RamFam said...

Was that second to last sentence meant for me?
Here's hoping you get many moments of peace, cups of hot tea, a repaired truck, a good laugh, and so much more!
Love ya! :)

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Hello sweet Swap Friend...
I am so sorry your life has been not so sweet the last few weeks... but with your faith it will get better. I have been thinking about you a lot and keeping you in my prayers.
I received my awesome apron today.. it is so fantastic.. I just love it ;) the extras were to die for also .. the teas, chocolate, the nice book.. if I forgot something, I'm sorry.. I am trying to write this right before work... A million thanks a beyond sweet friend :)

Mzzterry said...

What beautiful aprons you got! Wow. Another reason I need to learn to sew! I am glad you feel better, but don't over do it! I will keep the new job situation in my prayers....sounds like a hard situation. In all things give thanks!

I am thankful to have such a good relationship with my daughters, I am doubly blessed!!

Have a wonderful week. Happy 9th to your lil' Monkey!!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

soo glad you are feeling a wee bit better... prayers conintue my friend - so much for you right now going on....

and WOWZERS that apron is something to drool over!! both of them...

thankful for turtlenecks cuz it's cold. thankful for handsome man whose entered the picture. (hee hee) thankful for money in the bank with which to buy groceries.

yellowbuttercup said...

I am glad that you are feeling better. Being a 1 car family after having been a 2 car family stinks; I hope your truck is fixed soon.