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Thursday, March 12, 2009

i ain't got no season pass

last night was....difficult at best. i was very proud that i didn't let my temper get the best of me. i walked away long before i said anything that i would regret, or at least be told that i should regret. i got to talk to the hubby last night and he said things are busy at the conference. it is very chilly here in the town with out a frown this morning. it is a balmy 27 outside, but when you add the wind it feels like it's 20. almost tropical i tell you. they keep promising snow, but i don't believe them anymore and am no longer getting my hopes up. i just finished a yellow pair of booties to send to the audrey caroline baskets of love project. I'm hoping to get the booties in the mail week after next. before her heiness gets too cranky here's my thankful list.


1. learning to control my temper- this is no easy thing mind you. especially when you add the hormones of pregnancy.

2. my solarium- we are trying a mostly indoor garden this year. last year the wind blew so hard that we just couldn't keep everything watered enough, so everything withered and died.

3. my children- often they are the only thing that keeps me completely grounded.

4. the future- what an exciting few months are ahead. Q will be here in 8 weeks or less. we have a sono on the 26th to estimate his size.

5. knitting- it keeps my hands busy while riding in the car with the hubby

6. portable DVD players- never been a big fan of them, but her heiness HATES to be in the car. these seem to help things a lot. we are going to be traveling with the hubby for spring break, so i hope that she will be at least somewhat content in the car.

7. little mementos of happiness- currently drinking coffee out of the yellow coffee cup my hubby bought me the day after we got married. love this cup.

8. dirty little hands- the girls love to "help" with the garden. her heiness helped us plant the seeds and monkey packed the dirt in the cups. when we were finished there were little dirty hands to remind me of how wonderful my helpers are.

9. my babysitter- if you read yesterday's post do i really need to add anything? how about how at church last night she says "if you need any help while your hubby is gone just give me a call and let me know." I'm so stealing her.

10. 1/2 & 1/2 in my coffee- it was the one indulgence that i couldn't give up when i was on weight watchers. love the yumminess.

11. friends- pattylicious who listened to me complain about my bad night on her most important day. thanks, you rock. my SIL who called to check on me because i hadn't blogged or called, and she was concerned about me. good to know I'm thought about, thanks you rock. amazon, who doesn't read this, but needs to be bragged on anyway. she waited to share her good news until she was sure i had calmed down enough that i wasn't going to send myself into preterm labor. oh yeah i was that upset.

12. dependable transportation- love my van

13. baby clothes- they are so sweet. amazon picked up a couple of things for Q, and a shirt for each of the girls. really too funny.

14. my budget- really don't know how people function with out one.

15. my cell phone- really it is amazing. monkey had a solo at church on Sunday, so i recorded it on my phone.

16. monster spray- not sure where her heiness came up with monsters in the dark, but she is terrified of them. in a stroke of genius i decided to get some old body spray and spray the monsters away. she got to say the magic words "go away monsters" then i would spray the smelly good, and all the monsters disappeared. she slept soundly with out issue. apparently when she woke up and still smelled the spray she knew she was still safe.

17. lotion- all of the family has been suffering from extremely dry skin due to the lack of humidity.

18. my washer & dryer- they make my life so much easier.

19. snuggling with the girls- monkey is mostly passed the snuggle stage, but her heiness is all about the snuggle.

20. learning to trust in God- i have learned that when i try to do things my way they rarely work the way i hope they will, but when i hand them over they work out great. not always in my time, but in His.

what are you thankful for? answered prayers, a trip to see family, getting better, rain on dry land? i hope everyone has a great weekend, and i will try to post next week from the road. oh and don't forget "BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH!!!"


Rosemond said...

I'm intrigued...love the indoor garden...will you post pics when you get a chance?

ps...I love your thankful posts! They always brighten my day!

Living on the Spit said...

Yes, LOVE your thankful posts and it always makes me settle down and remember to just breathe.

Enjoy your time on the road and remember to stretch your legs lots!!!!

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Great thankful list! Have fun on your trip.