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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

it's a hazy shade of winter

just a note to let everyone know that i am alive and well. sorry i have been MIA, but things have been a little busy around here. i had an appointment on Thursday, and fully intended on writing my thankful Thursday list after i got home. well....the hubby needed to be in garden city, ks that evening, so he asked if monkey could play hooky from school and then the family could travel with. hey why not sounds good to me, so we left as soon as we got home from the doctor. monkey was way excited to get to miss a day of school for no reason. the appointment went well, even the glucose test. the doc did say that if the weird contraction things pick up or happen more than 6 an hour i am to get to the hospital, something about preterm labor. she said that if being up and active makes them worse i should sit down and take it easy. well, i have been doing my best to take it easy. the hubby took it easy this Monday and Tuesday and hung out with the family because he is in Addison from this morning until Sunday morning. have i mentioned that i have the world's best babysitter? seriously SHE ROCKS. she called Monday to ask if i would need her for belly dancing class, the hubby explained that i would not because i was taking a break until fall. amazon, my belly dancing partner, got a new job that isn't conducive to class and the weird belly things frighten me. my babysitter asks if the hubby and i would like some time to ourselves because she already cleaned her house and did her chores so she could babysit. you don't need to twist my arm, so out we went. we got coffee and walked around barnes & noble for a few hours before returning home. when we walked in the door she had the "cat that ate the canary" look on her face as she was loading the dishwasher. she had already swept and mopped the floor, had monkey clean and vacuum her room, made sure the girls were bathed and ready for bed. she is unbelievable. today is pattylicous' birthday so go wish her a happy birthday.


Rosemond said...

I need your babysitters' number! haha! That's awesome! What a blessing! Tell Finch to call us anytime he's in DFW...we would love to entertain him!

Living on the Spit said...

God really blessed you with that babysitter!!! WoW. You totally deserve it though and I am glad to know you have someone there who can help you when you need it...and of course you will need it the further along you get!!!

I have been really sick the past few days with a very bad kidney infection, but am finally feeling better now. Will go back to work tomorrow.

Glad you're doing okay...we all need a break some time.

Adrienne said...

I'm so jealous ;-) Good for you for getting out! Glad all is well.