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Monday, March 30, 2009

walking in a winter wonderland or i come from the land of ice and snow

greetings sorry it has been a bit since i posted, but you see i have been stranded in the land of Oz. no seriously, i have been stuck in Garden City, KS in a blizzard. they got roughly 20 inches they think. it happened something like this. hubby says "they say that we are under a blizzard watch, but I'm pretty sure with the new tires on the car i can make it home Friday after my meeting." I'm thinking are you nuts? he grew up in the Austin area, so i blame his lack of fear on the lack of snow growing up. i asked if he would like the family to travel with him, knowing that he wouldn't put us in the same danger he would himself, so off to Kansas we went. well the blizzard did indeed arrive and 20 inches of snow and drifts that covered horse trailers, we were still there. on Saturday morning there was fear of impending doom if we didn't escape, so we continued to check road conditions. they finally opened a road out of Garden City, so off we went. by the way highway 83 wasn't open for the entire stretch of the drive, but we figured if there wasn't a barricade then we were free to drive. it was an experience i hope to never have again. the girls thought it was great "daddy do roller coaster car more" was the cheer from the backseat. in other news my doctor's appointment went very well. the sonogram was...informative. at 32 weeks my darling little Q is measuring at 35 and 4 days. his head alone measures at 39 weeks and 4 days. they estimate his weight at 5 lbs. 11 oz. i know that sonograms can be off a pound in either direction. if he is 4 lbs. 11 oz. then he is a normal size kiddo. however, i don't want to think about the other direction. he is healthy and looks great no problems at all. my blood pressure is still normal, which is amazing because she took it right after i was told the size of my kid. i have finished 9 pair of booties and will be sending them today. her heiness awakens so i must go. hope to write again soon.


RamFam said...

What?!? No pictures? What a rip off! Oh, and I didn't get the message you tried to send the other day.

RamFam said...

Apparently my phone doesn't like your messages. Maybe you can email it?

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Blizzards and babies! I'm glad you made it out of Oz. When I was having my son, I read that sonograms are not accurate when it comes to estimating the baby size. Sure enough, they were very off when it came to my son. He was over by a few pounds!

Mzzterry said...

I wish you sould have been here for the reunion this weekend. Maybe after q's arrival we can have a mini bloggers reunion. I will host (so I can hone in.) Love to you and your little ones.