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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

remembering your kiss, your touch, your warm embrace

we are in midland again this week. the hubby is trying to make the travel "better" for the family, so we've been enjoying things that don't revolve around his work. we took the girls ice skating at the mall in Odessa. monkey is a natural. she looked so pretty skating around the rink with her little skort on. her heiness gave the hubby a rough run around the rink. he was holding her trying to keep her from falling, it was really cute. q slept peacefully in his stroller on the sideline with me watching. the mall also has a carousel, so the girls rode that and the mini train. then i purchased the most amazing shoes. pattylicious found them while she was at teta, but couldn't find them in our size. while walking the mall i found the same store and they had 1 pair. the lovely lady called the store in midland and had them hold a pair for me. woo hoo they are gorgeous. i will post pics as soon as i can figure how to sync my phone to the laptop. its about time for bed, so i will post later.


DyessFam said...

Okay, so I love the bed, the vibrant hair and how cute is Q?! Love ya girl, hope you are doing great! As I begin to recover from our recent road trips, I'll work on trying to give you a call....if there is no fussing in the background....I know you know what I mean ;p

vanillafrog said...

did Q get his box?