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Saturday, July 18, 2009

she had some trouble with herself

the sip and see was a success. only a few people made it, but a great time was had by all. i served cucumber sandwiches that were delicious. i mixed cream cheese, butter, and some lemon thyme together. i slathered that on the bread and layered the cucumbers on top. they were so yummy. then i made chicken salad sandwiches, they weren't the chicken salad you would eat country girl. i used pecans, dried cranberries, celery, chicken and a bit of mayo to stick it all together. they were so good. i also made up lemon tarts, coconut tarts, and mini quiches. the grandmas brought a vegetable tray with them for the shin dig. we drank lots of tea and did tons of visiting. sorry i forgot to take pics. hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


Pattylicious said...


vanillafrog said...

wish i could have made it! oh well, be looking for a big box soon!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

looks comfy!! i have a pitcher of sun tea here... so i'll sip & see online... sounds like life is blessedly very, sweet for you... i'm glad!