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Thursday, January 21, 2010

but you're just a boy

i have discovered that q is an avid beyonce fan. no really its kind of creepy. his favorite is "all the single ladies". he can be in the worst grump and all i have to do is put that video on and he gets this hilarious grin on his face and starts to coo. he's getting so big so fast. monkey starts piano lessons tonight, and i think she's excited about it. last week was rough. the hubby was in Orlando for training, and all the kids got sick. the night he gets back, i get sick, where is the justice? I've been working hard on the baby blanket, although it's going to be more of a coverlet than a blanket. i still need to get some buttons, so i can finish my owl. q is napping, so time is short. on to the thankfuls. I AM THANKFUL FOR:

1. the diaper genie- seriously q is eating a lot of solids, and the smell is horrible. the genie keeps all the gross locked away.

2. the capacity for kindness: some people have such an overflowing of love and kindness that it catches on to you and won't let go.

3. real friends- while driving to town i heard the country song "you find out who you're friends are". it is easy to be a friend when the road is smooth and the sun is shining brightly. i am truly grateful to have several friends that have been and will be there when i need them.

4. good coffee- i love a good cup of coffee, and lately i have been enjoying more than usual.

5. the internet- what an amazing thing it allow us to communicate with family far away without spending a fortune.

6. good food- yeah i didn't get looking like this because i don't like food.

7. my kids- weeks without the hubby are always difficult, but the kids are so helpful and loving.

8. hot tea- it was the only thing that helped my cough this past week.

9. free crochet patterns- so many awesome cute things i want to make.

10. nap time- ah peace and quiet for a little while anyway.

i want to thank those of you who held my friend up in prayer last week. she has found a way to make a new start, and the sun is shining in her world again. i ask for you to keep my mil in your prayers, her older sister passed away this week. please keep the family in your prayers. i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. i hope to update on my other blogs this weekend so check in and see.


Living on the Spit said...

Thanks you SOOOOO much for your continued prayers and your friendship...you mean the world to me.

Funny about Q and the Beyonce' song...you need to get that boy dancing and shoot a video of him!

Coffee..mmmmm...where would I be without Coffee and Amp? I put you in that can not live without category.

sweetflutterbys3 said...

Great list! I really enjoyed it :)

I remember when my oldest heard Jimi Hendrix singing on a TV commercial and she started bouncing up and down in her little diaper. Now that she is 13, I remind her of it all the time. I'm just waiting for the first boyfriend so I can share!

I will keep your mother in law in my prayers. I'm sorry to hear about her sister.