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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

help me believe in anything, cause i wanna be someone who believes

as promised some pics. thank you to those who have already taken a peek at my new blogs. things around here are busy as usual. school has started back, the hubby is going to be in Orlando next week for national sales training. last year was a bit trying for us as a family, but anytime you add a new member things change a bit. i took a crochet class from September through December and i really enjoyed it. i would like to say that they taught me how to do amazing things, but it was a self paced and by default self taught class. most of the other students had been crocheting for years, so if i needed help i could ask. this spring will bring a new nephew and a new niece to the family. my mom has retired and i wonder what changes for her and us that will bring.

monkey is getting so tall. she is really beginning to look more mature everyday. her heiness is still pooping in her panties, argh. she loves preschool and is learning all kinds of fun things. q is getting big. he is officially scooting and nearly crawling. he has two teeth on the bottom, and has tons of teeth bumps on top.

Christmas was wonderful. we have a spending cap on gifts, so the gift giving is never extravagant at our house. we try to keep the focus on Christ and family. the tamales were unbelievably good as usual. we made up three different salsas this year because we have discovered my eczema is aggravated by tomatoes. my father is highly allergic to them, so i guess i should be grateful. we have had more snow so far than we did all of last year. nothing like the east coast is getting, but we don't have the same moisture they do. below is q with her heiness in his first snow. he was very curious about the cold stuff on the ground.

this is our tree. the girls decorated it this year. the gold ornaments are the same age as monkey. we got them for our tree her first Christmas.

the family picture that i always take at Christmas. aren't they the sweetest things ever. her heiness is at the age where making faces for the camera is tons of fun. if you check out the food blog you will notice she is modeling in most of the pics. she is my picture lover.

i hope that this year brings tons of joy, love and happiness to everyone. did i mention we went to see my dad? we had a great time and the kids were completely enamored with him. i hope to be able to blog every evening, but we'll see what next week brings as a solo parent.

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Rosemond said...

You are so blessed with a beautiful family! I hope 2010 is filled with all good things!