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Monday, April 18, 2011

tell the world i'm coming home

sorry for the lack of blog. things have been.... well things are finally starting to look up. we have relocated to where my hubby grew up, where he has always called home. in fact the day after my last blog he got the call that the territory near his old stomping grounds was open and was his if he wanted it. well, here we are.

the internet here is slow at best, so mostly i don't use it. i keep up via my phone for most things facebook and blog. however, i can't seem to do a decent blog from it. this is going to be quick, mostly i was curious to see how long this would take, so that i could plan accordingly.

this is a picture from the renfest that is just down the road from us. the kids had a super time.
yeah, i can't believe how big she's getting either. she gets prettier by the day

they are all getting bigger by the day. this was at a park in college station.

i hope to be able to update more often, but life is busy and time is short. hope to start back to my thursday posts this week. thanks for reading

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Sweetflutterbys3 said...

Oh my gosh, the kids look so big and so good! I can't believe your baby is a toddler already.

I hope you enjoy your new town. Moving is fun but oh so tiring all at the same time.