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Thursday, June 9, 2011

baby can i hold you tonight?

so our first week back in happy packing has gone surprisingly well. I've stirred up tons of dust, so my sinuses are on full back up. while we've been enjoying 100+ temps here, my sweet hubby has been in San Diego at a conference. he got back a day earlier than we had thought, so we actually got to see him for his birthday. the kids have been really great about letting me rest in the afternoons, turns out preggie at 32 isn't as easy as preggie at 20-who knew. I've gotten most of the books in the den packed, those who know how many books we have know this isn't too shabby a job for one person in a few days. I'm feeling gross, so this is going to be short. my thankful list


1. being held to go to sleep- i don't sleep well as a general rule, nightmares are tough. it was wonderful to have my sweet finch home to hold me to sleep.

2. naps- I've taken 2 today and will probably call it an early night.

3. my nook- yep, last night when we all loaded in the van to come home from the airport, my sweet hubby took a detour via barnes and noble to get me a nook. he knows how much i love to read, and how i refuse to buy anymore books this summer to pack.

4. my hubby- he is so good to me and the kids, and he is capable of keeping the house in running order. i made the joke on facebook that other than a busted water pipe and looking like boo radley had been renting our house looked great. finch got the water fixed the next day and still made it to the girls birthday party.

5. cute maternity clothes- i put on some of my capris, that fit fine last week, and lo and behold they were tough to zip. i figured it was due to my constant hunger that i had been gaining weight, so i hopped on the scale to find I'd actually lost 4 lbs. hmmmm, may have to bust out the maternity shorts and capris sooner than i thought.

6. yogurt- mmmmmmm, the one snack everyone in the house can agree on.

7. micro food- i love to cook, but as time and kitchen resources are limited, well, we have been living on some tasty micro meals. the kids think it is such a treat. they were actually upset that they didn't get ramen for breakfast. i guess anything that you get rarely is a treat when you're a kid.

8. central air- please see above about 100+ degree weather

9. friends- monkey has spent the day with her bff and will be staying the night as well. the kids are so excited to get to see friends while we are here.

10. God- sometimes it is difficult for me to fathom a creator that would care for his broken creations so much. then i see how much i love my sweet kids, even when they are being monsters, and i wonder how much more God loves us. without Him i wouldn't be where i am, so a huge thank you to Him.

i hope this weekend brings us some rain and a cool down. i also hope to feel well enough tomorrow to actually be able to function like a normal human.

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Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

LOL I was 41 when I had my first and only! Take care chickie!! I always love reading your lists.