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Thursday, July 21, 2011

broke into the old apartment

we are apartment dwellers again. we know that once again it is for the short term and that God provided what we needed when we needed it. the great news is that it is in the school district we wanted the girls to attend, so no transfer fees this year. I'm hoping that living in this environment will cut down on some of the screaming that has become second nature to the family. it feels great to have a kitchen again. we've been eating some seriously yummy food this past week. felt sprout wiggle for the first time on Tuesday. finch was put his hand on the ever expanding bump, and there was a lil flutter. monkey is getting ready to head to camp with her bff next week, and can hardly contain her excitement. I've been trying to catch up on all my friends' blogs lately and i have to say I'm loving the alphabet game. in fact when we get back from this trip i may start it here.


1. a place of our own- how we have missed this the last 6 months

2. being together- q is so excited to have daddy every day again

3. good water- i have been so thirsty and the water here is way gross, so we've been buying water. we have a Brita pitcher and it doesn't help at all.

4. my bed- man i have missed it this summer while packing in happy

5. good laughs- how great it is to joke and laugh

6. picnics- we went on a picnic today with finch's mom. we had chicken and played at the park. the kids were so happy to see nana and play with her.

7. good friends- i have some amazing friends who have been wonderful to me during the transitional period. I'm sad to leave some behind, but excited to be near others.

8. swaps- i had planned on sitting out of any more than the dishcloth ones I'm in, but there is a recipe swap. you guys know how i feel about recipes. woohoo

9. maternity clothes- yeah, now i just have to find them all

10. quiet time- the kids are getting use to being here, so bedtime is still a war zone. they are usually asleep by 9, and then i get a lil bit of time to crochet.

i hope that this weekend is wonderful for everyone. i will be making a pack and move run this weekend. it should be fast and furious. don't forget to take a minute to count your blessings.


MissPeaBody said...

Wow so many changes so little time! Travel safe on your fast pack/move run! I'm doing the same. I think of all of you dunkins daily! I miss the dickin's out of you but I'm so happy & excited your all together again! Love ya! Miss Pea Body

Sweetflutterbys3 said...

Congratulations! I know I'm a bit late, just getting caught up. A new baby! I just remember you having your last one. Gee, where does the time go?

The summer has flown by and every day is so busy. With three kids yourself and moving on top of it, I'm sure you feel the same! Take care and get lots of rest.