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Monday, August 1, 2011

you labeled me, i label you, so i dub thee unforgiven

ever get to the end of a week and wonder why it seemed to last a month? that's how last week was for me. we made 2 whirlwind trips to and from to get more stuff. i have a question for the few of you that read. how do you handle when your religion is attacked or better yet when it is questioned/thrown in your face. this has happened to me a few times and it usually involves somebody thinking they are somehow owed something because i am a christian. hmmm, not sure when in the bible it says "thou shalt be a doormat", but i could be wrong. anywho, i had this long tirade of a blog typed out about forgiveness, but decided to take the high road instead. trust me it was a very.... biting blog. instead i think that i would like to play the alphabet game. I've seen it in various forms here and here. i hope to upload pics tomorrow for the letter b, but we'll see what tomorrow brings.

some things that i like that start with A

amigurumis- they are cute, and i love to make them. couldn't find a pic of the ones I've made, so i will have to make more and take pics.

antics- you know the kinds kiddos have when they are having fun.

apples- i ordered a fruit and walnut salad at mc d's and the kids ate it all. princess and q ate the grapes then the apples, monkey devoured the walnuts and finch ate the yogurt. q kept asking for more apples please. the princess always asks for apples with her happy meals, i blame the caramel dip.

angels- my kiddos are truly the angels i see on earth every day. not that they always behave like angels mind you.

answers- i like to know why things are the way they are and why people do what they do. i don't always like the answers, but I'm always glad to know.

for those who know me in real life my oldest, known here as monkey, her name starts with A

agua- is it cheating to use a different language? oh well, loving me some ice cold agua during this unbearably hot summer.

my darling second daughter, known here as the princess, also sports a name that starts with A

this was fun, and so much happier than the other post that i had typed. thanks for the support.


Sweetflutterbys3 said...

It is so hard when you are attacked for what you believe. I understand because it has happened to me. Being a Christian, I think all Christians are attacked. It is part of being what we are.

I usually respond by being as gentle as I can to the person. There is only one way through it and that is understanding. They know not what they do...

queen of everything said...

thanks, after much discussion the hubby and i agreed that seperation may be the only solution to the current issue.

mzzterry said...

been there & done that so many times with my family especially attacking me for my beliefs....and something I learned the hard way is exactly what you are doing right now.....putting healthy boundaries between me & whomever it is that is attacking me & or my core beliefs. Love you & will keep this tucked away in my heart to pray for!!

queen of everything said...

thanks mzzterry, this has been such a tough decision to come to, but after much prayer and discussion i feel it is our only option. thanks for the prayers, i can always use tons of them