we're just a family of finches making our way in the town w/o a frown.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

i'm not who i once was

what a week this has been. my sweet finch has been at sales training for the majority of the week and it has been rough being solo here at home. here goes the my list of thankfuls for the week.


1. my sweet monkey: she compete in 2 events this year for UIL. she won 1st in both of the events.

2. church family- we joined the local baptist church a few weeks back. what an amazing group of people . they have been so kind and inclusive the moment we began attending. they have welcomed us in and showered us with kindness. i am so thankful for this group.

3. friends- my sweet friend pattylicous made a trip down to visit and we had such a great time. sprout was particularly fond of her and had many wonderful conversations with her.

4. baby giggles- yes she is already smiling and giggling. she finds her siblings to be particularly funny

5. handmade goodness- pattylicous made this beautiful blankey for sprout. she loves her blankey.

6. text messages- sometimes it is the only way i get to communicate with my friends. I'm just glad there is a way to say hey without trying to scream over my screaming darlings

7. daddy time- all my kids have loved their daddy time.

8. mail- I've been way behind on checking it, but yesterday i got 4 packages. tons of happy in the mailbox

9. girl time- one thing the girls can agree on is that sprout needs lots of love and snuggles.

10. rain- we had a crazy storm here yesterday. school started 2 hours late due to the storm. the rain is such a blessing to this area, so as the song says "i will praise you in this storm". i am thankful for the moisture and thankful that we didn't have any damage to our apartment.

i hope that everyone has a great and blessed weekend.