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Thursday, April 19, 2012

thank you, thank you, thank God for you

things are so much busier around here now that we have added another wee one to the group. how is it that time goes by so fast? she will be 4 months old very soon. my sweet princess is now 6 and my sweet lil man will be 3 in may. i think that it is imperative that i keep up with my thankful list, so that i don't let myself slip into the blahs.


1. sisterly love- they had so much fun at blackbeard's on our trip to corpus during the short Easter break
2. good clean fun- the state aquarium has a new splash pad and the kids LOVE it. q was especially fond of the water cannons

3. the men in my life- these two finches are my favorite men. i am so blessed that q has such a great daddy

4. the little happy things- on our way to corpus finch surprised us with some yummy coldstone ice cream. the kids were elated

5. new discoveries- sprout, i think we need to figure out her blog name any ideas?, is developing all kinds of fun new things. right now fist chewing is a favorite.

6. family time- we took the kiddos to port aransas and they loved it. love to spend time having fun with the family

7. my kiddos- it is so easy to get frustrated with them, but i really don't know what i would do without them.

8. humor- only in texas will you find a drive thru liquor and gun store. we drive past this sign on our way to and from the beach.

9. firsts- this was sprout's first trip to the ocean and she really enjoyed the water. there are so many firsts in our lives and i need to remember to enjoy them all.

10. smiles- the princess loves the beach. when we went to aransas she was very excited that there were tons of shells on the beach, and she spent her whole time collecting and showing them off. we are planning a camp out on the beach, so she can get first crack at the shells early in the morning.

I'm learning so much these days. i really need to get back on here more regularly to share the goodness with the few of you who still follow. well, it's time to go grab the girls from school. i hope that everyone has a great weekend.

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MissPeaBody said...

I'm still following! I love seeing how your family keeps you on your toes! I hope one day I'm as blessed as you! Thank you for still sharing!