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Thursday, January 19, 2012

oh baby baby

wow, where does time go? the last bit of 2011 flew by for us. my sweet friend pattylicious had her appendix removed, so i drove up to keep her company while she was in the hospital. the 10 hour drive was not a lot of fun because i was very pregnant. my sweet hubby made sure the kids were well taken care so that i could make the trip. after that trip was monkey's 12th birthday, then turkey day, then Christmas was here before i knew it. i was so excited for 2011 to be over i could hardly contain my joy as the new year approached. i knew that our sweet sprout would be making her way into the world at some point in January, so the year already held an immense joy. at midnight my water broke and the new year brought a new little girl into our family. a quick thankful list while she naps and q watches little einsteins.


1. big brothers- he is such a big helper and loves his sister so much already.

2. my hubby- he has been so helpful and i can hardly wait to see what the new year has in store for us.

3. snuggles- there has been A LOT of snuggling going on in the house the past few weeks

4. laughter- there has also been A LOT of laughing in our house the past few weeks.

5. church family- we have found a wonderful group of believers who have taken us in and welcomed us as family. some of the members watched the kiddos for us while i was at the hospital having sprout. the kids loved the bath at gigi's and grumpy's house

6. moving forward- the Lord is moving in our lives and pushing us forward to greater things. i can see where he has been opening doors and putting people in our path. i am so excited to see what he has in store for this year.

7. sisterly love- i have friends who are super close to their sisters, and i have to admit I'm a bit jealous. my sister and i are not close and we never have been. i pray daily that my girls will be friends as they grow.

8. baby noises- the sweet sounds that new babies make are truly gifts from God.

9. our sweet lil sprout- she was born at 7:57 am on 1-1-12. she weighed a tiny 7 pounds 11 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long. it was love at first sight.

10. the grace of God- He has showered me and my family with it and i am so thankful for His love, grace and mercy.

i hope that this year brings blessings and joy to you.

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