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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

i've looked for you forever and a day

 i was recently reminded that it had been forever since i blogged last. I've just lost my desire to blog i guess. i figure nobody reads it anyway so what's the point? the point is there are people who read this and love to see the blessings that have flowed down upon my family. we've been so busy the last few months. in may i got to see my sweet princess be promoted to 1st grade. it made me a bit sad to think how quickly she is growing, but I'm so excited to see the person she is becoming.  

 we've watched lil sprout grow and grow. monkey got to go on a trip with the band to fiesta Texas and brought the wonder woman outfit home for sweetness.

daddy sure loves this little chunky water monkey. she loves the water and insisted daddy let her stomp and splash at the beach.
my handsome lil man turned 3. I'm really not sure where the time has gone because it seems like just yesterday he was my chunky baby monkey. he is such a little boy. he's so full of energy and curiosity and i love to watch his mind work.

my darling monkey was inducted into njhs. I'm so proud of the woman she's becoming. she is so smart and so funny. she is also the "defender of the weak", even when she could easily be one of the "cool" kids. many a day she came home upset because the popular/cool kids were picking on a girl, so she defended the girl and was rewarded with the ire of the other kids. i love her so much and i hope she always feels the need to stick up for the underdog.
my sweet baby is now crawling and pulling up, at 7 months. we are still waiting to see what all God has in store for us down here. i will try to take time away from my crochet to start blogging again.


mzzterry said...

yea! i love reading about your beautiful family! they are all growing so fast & i love the fact that you see & validate their uniqueness as well as their milestones. The babies are both so adorable & the two older girls are just blossoming before our eyes! "You done good" mom. I hope you are all ready for the new school year!! <3 you.

queen of everything said...

thanks for the sweet comment. we are very ready to see what this year brings

Sweetflutterbys3 said...

Wow, look at your kids. Growing so fast :) You have a beautiful family- a blessing indeed!