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Monday, July 9, 2007

day camp

WORD OF THE DAY- proselytize: to convert (someone) to another religion, belief, etc.

today adara has gone to her very first church camp. it is only a day camp, but she was very excited about it. they are learning about missionaries, so i thought that the word of the day was appropriate. the weekend was good here. we have almost all of our ceramic molds organized, this has been a very slow process. we got to see the cowden clan on friday for pizza night. that is always good fun. sorry this is short, but the wee one is needing to be held and loved. hope everyone has a great week. FOOD FOR THOUGHT- in the words of Groucho Marx "I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book."


Pattylicious said...

I want you to know that I laughed, and am still laughing at your quote. That is fabulous and I agree 95%!

RamFam said...

Keeping with the subject of your word for the day, Tony Blair is converting to Catholicism. Just another random fact.