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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i love my friends

WORD OF THE DAY: fructuous: fruitful; productive

i once heard friendship described as the family you get to choose. i like that description. i got to talk to one of my really good friends last night on the phone, and it made me realize that i miss her terribly. i have several really good friends that i just don't see or talk as much as i would like. one lives in kileen, one in grandbury, one in portales, and even the ones that are local i don't get to see very often. thanks to myspace i'm getting back in touch with some really great friends from high school. i remember how horrible i was in high school, and for the life of me i just can't figure out why any of those people would want to contact me. maybe they realize the potential for change in a person. that is what i like to think. it is strange to see all of us grown up with jobs, and husbands and kids. anyway, i am truly blessed to have the friends that i have and everyday holds the potential for a new friend. FOOD FOR THOUGHT IN THE WORDS OF SHAKESPEARE "I AM WEALTHY IN MY FRIENDS."

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