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Thursday, July 26, 2007

presenting ........

i'm going to be a big copier. my favorite in-law did this introduction thing on her blog and i thought it was awesome cool, so i am going to do it too. hope you enjoy.

My Love- this is kind of self explanatory i think, but for those of you who may bit a wee bit slow. this is my hubbies site. it is brand new and we're going to work on it as soon as we find some spare time.

Ben and Christine- ben and my hubby grew up together in a town smaller than happy. ben and his wife are missionaries in ecuador. they post pics and wonderful stories you should check them out and keep them in your prayers.

Bible verse- is exactly what it says. this is the site that provides commentary on the verse of the day, so if you think the verse is particularly interesting go check out the site.

Ramirez clan- these are my in-laws. i love this family dearly and i am so glad that i know them. she is an amazing woman who loves her family and God. this is often a rare thing to find now days.

Cranky fitness- this blog is so funny. it is her comical often cranky take of fitness as a whole. she often has very funny comments about different fitness aspects.

Pattylicious says- this is one of my nearest and dearest. she is a mom of two boys, the wife of the mayornator and the teacher of the future. she is truly a wonderful friend who has held my hand through some of the most difficult and wonderful times of my adult life. love this woman.

Big 'uns- is another friend of mine. although relatively new to the friendship circle we have had some great times together.

Princess of everything (and then some)- is exactly as her name implies. she is mom to big 'uns. her blogs are filled with humor and wonderful pics of fiberglass cows.

well that is everyone so far. if you would like to be added to my little list give a shout. i would be absolutely delighted to add you. hope the week is excellent and you weekend wonderful.