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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

more reading fun

most of you know that i LOVE to read, so i am thrilled that the wee finch has devoured the 5 books that we got her on monday. i went today and got the next 5 in the series. i also went by the canyon library to look at their selection of books. to my surprise i found that they have the AR list for our local elementary school. this means that the wee finch can read books that she enjoys and get points for them at school. you have no idea how excited i am. i have gotten many ideas from my dearest sisters, neither is really my sister. one is a very dear friend and the other is my dearest in law. i loved the ramona books and snot stew, i'm new to piggly wiggly, but i am currently reading it. not joking. i like to know what my kids are into. also, my weight struggle has taken a turn. i am gaining weight again. this is simply because this summer has been rough. i have enjoyed my extra time with the cowden clan, but it seems like everything else has been tough. i began again today to regain some of my motivation. i figure i have lost 30 lbs. the last thing i want to do is regain it. especially since i got rid of my fat clothes. thanks much for the advice and yes leah, ramona is like several little girls that i know :) hope this week finds you in good spirits and surrounded by love.

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