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Sunday, August 19, 2007

my beloved

WORD OF THE DAY- nuptial: of or pertaining to marriage.

it occurred to me on friday, that i don't often write about my beloved. for this i would like to apologize. we have our tifts, but we love each other dearly. he is truly the embodiment of love. i am often heard to complain about his lack of emotion, which is true, but he does love me. in fact he probably loves me more than i deserve. he puts up with my whining and complaining. he also supports me in all of my efforts. when i decided to loose weight this past february, he was my biggest support. this is even though he has never thought me fat. he has always found me attractive both physically and mentally. this is an amazing thing in and of itself. yesterday i really wanted to get my craft things organized. he immediately began carrying boxes and helping me to get my things organized. i know that he probably had a list a mile long of things that he wanted to do, but instead he did what i wanted. he is the best and i wanted to let everyone know that. there are so many happy memories that i could share, but it is late and he is back from church. i hope next week is wonderful and brings happiness into your life.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT in the words of Oscar Levant "Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you remember."

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Baby Gator said...

That is a way cool post! I am glad you got your things organized, um...just one question...what happened to Finch's shirt?