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Thursday, November 8, 2007


it has been a while since i did anything truly creative, unless you count my budget. i was intending on using my MDO days to get some crafty things done, but instead all i do is clean the house. i admit that it is nice to pick something up once a day instead of 12. i feel the need to get back to my old crafty self, so i hope that as the days get shorter and colder i will be able to get some crafting completed. i am hesitant to sew myself anything due to the weight loss. just because i know how to tailor a garment doesn't mean i want to. i think that i will begin to just go through the craft boxes and complete what has been started or purchased. i have several knitting projects that i would love to complete in time for christmas. also, sometime this month i hope to purchase some slip for my ceramics, so if you happen to be near and want to make something send me a shout. i gave big uns a few pics so she could scan and send to some of her contacts. two are of my favorite grave. i know it sounds odd, but when i was in england i saw the most amazing crypt in st. paul's cathedral. there were two angels with swords resting at the door of the crypt. it was amazing. while looking for the pics i ran across a bunch of pics that i had forgotten about completely. i think that i will attempt to put them all into albums, so i actually know where they are. anyway the laundry beckons to me.


RamFam said...

I've felt this same urge recently. Are you expecting? We sono-d today. Beautiful, squirmy baby! Love y'all. :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am so glad you are wanting to get back to projects. That is what keeps me sane.