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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i love this season

i do love this time of year. i love the cool air, not the blowing wind, but really who's complaining. i love the food, chili, chicken and dumplings, stews, soups, i know that these foods are available to be made year round, but they taste better when it is cool outside. i started the first round of wassail today. the house smells of apples and cinnamon which is quite nice i must say. i got an order for a red velvet cake for a lady in tulia. i love to bake and have been told that i do it quite nicely. i have begun the purchasing of stuff for turkey day. it is very difficult to stick to a diet of any form during this time of year. as soon as i finish this post i am headed upstairs to get a few knitting projects down. also i am hosting a christmas party on December 15 at 4 pm. all are invited. i haven't decided if i will do tamales or not, but i probably will. also the ladies christmas tea is on dec 8 at 11 am if anyone would like to go let me know so i can pick up some tickets. i'm going to be a princess mindy copier. they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery by the way. if anyone has a question to ask please do so. i will be answering them on friday. she did this on her blog and it was way cool. i'm looking forward to your questions. we still haven't seen anything of ella. there are a couple of black objects on the interstate, but i can't bring myself to go look. :(


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

It really was fun to do on my blog! But you did not have a question for me!!

My question: What is your favorite food thing to make?

And, if I were coming to dinner, what would you cook for me?

RamFam said...

We've been living on soup, hot chocolate and eggnog lately. (We can't do chili anymore; too spicy for pregnancy.) Love ya! Miss ya! Wish I could come to your Christmas party! :)

Gator World!! said...

A question for you....hmmm...let me think on that and I will get back to you.