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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

tag i'm it

I was tagged on myspace to give 10 random facts about myself. here goes
1.my right ear is pointed. i used to hate this about myself, but now i think it's pretty cool.
2.i lived 4 years at a children's home in canadian, tx
3.i LOVE to dance, and once thought i was pretty good at it.
4. the theatre was my first true love,and until i went to WT i thought that i was awesome at it. if it hadn't been for finch i would probably have moved to NY years ago.
5. i really want more kids
6.i miss my brother more than he will ever know
7. sometimes i wear my tiara around the house for no other reason than i want to.
8.the sexiest thing about my husband is that he is smarter than me.
9. i hate to sing in public, but love to sing.
10. i hate to be touched.

i tag big uns, princess mindy, and leah.


Mc Vickers said...
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Gator World!! said...

YES!!! I got tagged!!!

Gator World!! said...

Did you notice that I did mine on my blog? Oh yes, I am on the ball today!!!