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Thursday, January 24, 2008

good morning, starshine

a friend of mine titles everything he does on myspace with the line from a song, so i'm going to steal his idea and start using lyrics for my titles.

that sweet face is our bruno dog. i just thought it was a friendly face to start a friendly kind of post. we have had our sweet boy for about 5 years now. we adopted him from the humane society. we use the term humane very loosely apparently. anywho, he and the monkey were both 3 when we got him and they have been fast friends ever since. he is a tiny boy. he only weighs about 100 lbs. or so and stands about as tall as her highness.

this is her highness and the hubby. doesn't she have a pretty smile. this was over the new year holiday.

the monkey is getting so big and so beautiful. it seems like only a few days ago she was a wee baby. yesterday went wonderfully at the church. we made 4 pot pies in 9 x 13 dishes. we had a small crowd so i feared that we would have tons of leftovers. then there were the children who immediately raised there noses and asked "what is that?" even big 'uns who is a self proclaimed hater of pot pie tried it. guess what it must have been good because most of the kids went back for seconds some for thirds, and even big 'uns got a second helping. big 'uns made a fabulous salad. usually there is tons of salad left, but we only had a wee tiny bit left over at the end. then there was dessert. i made what is called a "slice of heaven cake", and it was fabulous. it is spice cake with apple pie filling and apple butter mixed in. then the icing is cream cheese, butter and apple butter. it was quite wonderful. i made two giant pans, and when i saw the rather small crowd i just knew i was going to have tons of cake leftover. we only had one 9 X 13 of pot pie and less than 1/2 of a pan of cake left over. the hubby took them to work with him this morning for the ladies. well i need to tend to the livestock, so i will leave you with kisses from me and her highness.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Great post. But my favorite is that last pic! So cute!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

labradors are the best! mochajava sends out a woof-wwwwooooof. it is darn tootin' cold here... so potpie sounds excellent. and uhmm apple butter is good... any chance you'd share that cake recipe?

RamFam said...

Adara and Aislyn are both growing too fast. They are beautiful, as are you!!! Love the kisses.
Back at you; mmmmmmaaa! :)

Gator World!! said...

Lol, I loved this post!!! Especially all of the pics! We did have a great time at church on Wednesday. I seriously wish you could have seen me in the nursery with her highness and and the new baby. She was so cute reading to him and patting him down or giving him loves how ever you want to look at it. Anyways, I hope to day is a great day for you!

rosemond said...

Love these pics! Y'all are such a cute family!