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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

hair, there, and everywhere

there have been a few requests for pics of my new hair. i decided to do a little something new with my hair. this is what my hubby and i decided on. by the way, practice what your mother taught you, "if you don't have anything nice to say- don't say anything at all." trust me i've already heard about it at church. i like my new hair. it makes me feel alive, and more like the me i once was. if you look at the first pic you may be able to see that i am wearing makeup. this is 4 days in a row.

this is the back view, and yes my nails are painted. thanks for noticing.
the side view lets you see the different colors that i now have on my head.

some reflections on the past year: sorry i decided this would depress me, so instead how about some cool things that happened in 07.

my eldest was baptized- this was an awesomely wonderful moment for me. those of you who have children understand.

i made rice crispy treats for the first time- these were really tasty.

i found some friends that i thought were lost. you know who you are and thanks for being in my life.

i gained a nephew, and have watched my other nephew and niece get bigger.

i lost 30 lbs, and found 10 more. i'm working on it again.

i discovered that sometimes the best family is the one you choose for yourself.

i made fudge, technically it was on jan 1st of this year, but it was before i did the blog so it counts.

i did something that i never thought i would do, but really wanted to.

i rediscovered me, and found out that i've missed me, a lot.

i'm looking forward to the coming year and all that it may hold. my sister in law is having a little one in june. my dear friend pattylicious is having twins in june. i will begin next week cooking wednesday night suppers at the church with big uns. things are looking up and looking good. i hope that next year when i make this post i can say that i am finally happy with my weight and that i am looking forward to having another little one, but only time will tell. time is what we make of it. i hope everyone has a wonderful year. in the words of the counting crows "it's been a long december, and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last."


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Your hair is freakin SWEET!!! I already thought that you were beautiful but this just adds to you!!

*i discovered that sometimes the best family is the one you choose for yourself.*

So true sweetie...so true.

Gator World!! said...

I just simple love your new hair, and seriously it was a good thing I was not at church when they said those nasty things. I could have been ugly back, but then that would have made me just like them. So I guess it was for the best that I was not there.

RamFam said...

It's so you! I miss you! :)